Spectrum King LED Grow Lights: Numbers Matter

Spectrum King is the go-to company when you need a powerful LED lighting solution for your grow. When it comes to growing, power and quality matter.
Spectrum King
Courtesy of Spectrum King

As a grower, one of the main points you want to truly understand is that different fixture designs are intended for specific applications.

Sure, everyone and their mother seems to have a linear bar fixture these days, and that’s fine, but if you’ve been growing with a bulb fixture, whether double-ended or single-ended, 600 watts to 1,000 or more watts, then an array (which is what a fixture with many bars is, basically) is not what you’ve been using and not what you are used to.

With that said, if you are not in the mood to completely change your grow style and setup, then you’d want to replace those point source bulb fixtures with a powerful LED point source fixture. Spectrum King LED makes true 1:1 point source replacement fixtures: the SK403 and SK603 .

Spectrum King
Courtesy of Spectrum King

If you’re looking to grow quality plants for yourself with a fixture that truly delivers the right photon balance to your plant canopy, look no further than the SK403, which delivers a punch deep into your crops that blows away single-ended bulbs yet uses only 440 watts!

If your growing tree uses double-ended bulb fixtures at 1,000 or more watts, then the SK603 is your go to replacement. It outperforms double-ended bulb fixtures with only 640 watts that you simply must see with your own eyes to believe.

Spectrum King
Courtesy of Spectrum King

Leave the creative storytelling aside, and check out a true bulb killer (or replacement if you prefer) that has real lab data and tons of real users posting on social media and forums about what they’re getting with them.

Spectrum King LED is a company formed by growers, for growers. Spectrum King LED is actually the one that started the full-spectrum movement all of those many years ago and even patented it.

It’s clear that they’ve done plenty of research and development, and all you need to do is see what an SK403 or an SK603 can do for your crops. Truly epic results are yours to be had.

Third party NVLAP accredited laboratories are an essential part of data verification. These labs provide an unbiased evaluation and are calibrated to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). They perform testing of lighting fixtures in accordance with IES LM-79, which specifies how to test and measure LED fixtures. Using these standards lighting and horticulture metrics can be obtained—such as the PPF, PBAR, PPE, etc. A directory of these labs can be found at www-s.nist.gov.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation in the horticulture lighting industry, with many companies having unverified claims. There are companies posting 3.0+ PPE numbers, which is very high for the current performance of LEDs.

Due to this high performance, immediately, buyers are very interested. When asked for the report or performing a third-party test, the result is a much lower value. Often, they result in the low 2.0-2.2 PPE, which is significantly lower than the current market performance.

Where these high numbers originate from is directly from the bare LED performance without considering efficiency losses due to heat, optics and drivers. Buyers that specify these unverified lights get disappointed with the low PAR readings. This leads to expensive delays.

Often, this type of disappointment is then generalized throughout the LED industry and ultimately hurts companies that have real measurements and real test data. It is critical to cross-reference the specification sheet numbers and the third-party data numbers.

Spectrum King stands by the quality of their product, which includes both performance and mechanical ruggedness. There are no surprises to the test data and our advertised data. The system components of the SK603 and SK403 are tested by third-party labs with NVLAP accreditation.

Spectrum King
Courtesy of Spectrum King

The PBAR efficiency of the SK603 (380-800nm) is 2.6 umol/J. The PBAR output is 1600 umol/s.

Remember all of the numbers and data posted are good indicators if on verified third party lab reports, disregard those who don’t have verified third party lab reports and when you see and hear good things from people you trust then ask to check out their plants as they don’t lie.

Creative storytelling can be entertaining, but when it comes to your hard-earned money, you want results, and either the SK403 or SK603 will get you those results. Battle tested, built to last, with verified performance, as it should be.

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