Spectrum King LED is the Choice of the Home Cannabis Grower

Thinking of switching up your grow lights? Give Spectrum King LEDs a shot!
Spectrum King LED is the Choice of the Home Cannabis Grower
Courtesy of Spectrum

Spectrum King LED designs, manufactures, and sells full spectrum LED grow lights, not only for big scale and commercial farms, but for home growers as well. From the one-plant grower to the one who grows multiple plants in his garage, Spectrum King LED has the solution.

But hey, don’t take it from them; a grower, who uses three SK402s in his garage and goes by the pseudonym No Pain, wrote this review:

Spectrum King LED Review

I have grown with fluorescents, HIDs, spectrum-specific LEDs (disco lights), and Spectrum King full spectrum LEDs (402s). My experience with Spectrum King’s 402s, from veg to flower, was fantastic, as well as a great learning experience—not to mention the surprise I received with the finished product, I am writing this for you, the grower, big and small, as the only difference I see between an experienced home grower to a grower in a huge facility is the size of the grow.


The Light

The light is a very high-quality industrial style lamp. Now I will admit when looking at them, the first thing that comes to mind is that they are pricey. However, if you broaden the scope of your search, you will find that they are right in the heart of their market when compared to similar LED lamps that may come close to their performance.

Initially, I thought that the LEDs would cost me much more in the long run, but the knowledge that I gained was priceless and it would later pay off with huge success.

When I first decided to get into LEDs I did all my research and saw that there was a lot of contradicting information. Nevertheless, I ended up purchasing spectrum specific LEDs (Amazon’s bestseller). Why did I end up purchasing that lamp you ask? Two reasons: the cost and the fact that it had all the spectrums, UV and par readings that I needed to be based on all the research I had done.

Now I will admit that in the beginning, I thought that I had purchased some real winners; my plants really seemed to respond in vegetative growth to these lamps and when it came to the flowering stage, it seemed like they were still doing a good job. Now I am one that judges a harvest not by the time frame, but by the color of trichomes. In flower, it just seemed like it took forever to finish and it seemed that way because it took an average of 4 weeks longer. I was almost to the point of throwing these LEDs out and just going back to my trusty HIDs.

But I was too stubborn to do that; I truly felt that LEDs were the way to go. So I dove back in for more time consuming and confusing research. During my research, I came across a website of a light manufacturer that had a statement in one of their pages that addressed what I was dealing with: Spectrum King. They wrote that too much red spectrum will put your plants into a hibernation mode. At that moment I knew that they knew exactly what they were doing. And that they were trying to inform the misinformed public. I then realized that the money I had spent on my 600-watt equivalent fixtures would have been better spent on their closet cases.

Spectrum King LED is the Choice of the Home Cannabis Grower
Courtesy of Spectrum King

The Grow

The truth is that there is no meter that exists to truly measure what this lamp has to provide. However, I like details so I used my LUX meter and par meter as well as the plants’ reaction to establish a baseline for me. Now in every reading, you will find that for vegetative growth you need a lux reading of 15-50k, with 15k providing you with very sparse/lengthy or stretched growth. I can tell you that 15k with this lamp was more of an equivalent to 40-50k in plant growth and reaction.

The plants’ reaction at 15k was very surprising: some of the leaves would start to change as it couldn’t process everything that it was receiving in the early vegetative stage. My theory is that this is due to the broadness and saturation level of the complete spectrum of these lamps. Just look at their spectrum reading and you can see how it saturates the complete spectrum as well as the chlorophyll “A” and “B” and then you will begin to understand.

The plants absolutely loved these lamps! Not only did they aid in providing a stable environment with their low heat signature, the spectrum really brought it home. For the first time in my 12 years of growing experience, everything was of equal superior performance in my garden which provided me with all of my plants being as thick as oak trees from the stalks to the branches to the stems. Not only that, but the cut stalks and branches had a similar smell to the flowers themselves. The only difference was the lights that I used!

Spectrum King LED is the Choice of the Home Cannabis Grower
Courtesy of Spectrum King

The Harvest

The harvest was fantastic for a first run with my new toys. This strain is rated to produce 400-500 grams per m2. I pulled 413 in total per m2—and I know that my next run I will be able to push it over the 500 marker. Any grower will tell you that the first run with anything new in the garden is all about establishing high and low baselines to set up future grows to run flawlessly at peak performance levels.

Now here comes a real surprise. It wasn’t just the growth, the smell, or the low electric bill. The real difference from using the lights came when I did a CO2 dry ice extraction. Under these lights, I grew Raspberry Cough; under spectrum specific lamps, I grew Blue Dream, Green Crack, Ice Cream, and Candy for comparison. The final numbers in the extraction of the Raspberry Cough was a 75% greater return.

The Conclusion

Based on my experience, I would recommend that anyone growing cannabis should look into switching to a lamp by Spectrum King. Spectrum King is the true developer and innovator in the LED market. If you’re still skeptical about LEDs as well as Spectrum King, get a closet case and do your own testing. It’s a minimal investment and I guarantee you will be truly surprised at the results.

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