With SK403, Spectrum King LED Continues To Evolve

Spectrum King LED is excited to introduce their new SK403 light.
Spectrum King LED Continues To Evolve With SK403

As technology evolves so does Spectrum King LED. They are always looking into current and future technology and how it can positively affect plants. It helps having a team with multiple decades of experience that can recognize the good, the bad, and the ugly in plants. You would be surprised to see how many other companies don’t have actual growers on board. That is the key to their success that separates them from the pack: they always put plants first.

Others may play the “meter” game meaning there are those who can get higher readings on a meter but that does not equate always to getting better results with plants. You need to work with plants and study them to know what works and what is a fad. Their slogan, “plants don’t lie, people do!” shows their beliefs clearly.

They changed the game all those years ago with their SK400 which was the first full spectrum grow light released. Hard to believe that everyone pounced on them and launched insults and ridicule for doing so until they actually tried the light. Suddenly it wasn’t a joke anymore and as it evolved into the SK400+ to the SK402 and now to the SK403 it just keeps getting better and better and anyone who has grown with any of the predecessors knows they are the real deal.

It is a bit shocking to realize that just 7 years ago most LED brands and even as recently as 3 or 4 years ago still more than half were companies still touting a mix of red and blue diodes and that people were saying that was all plants needed. Spectrum King LED has always said without wavering that full spectrum light with specific bandwidths added is what plants prefer. In fact they are so confident about it that they even hold a patent on it. Today virtually everyone makes full spectrum grow lights which just proves that what Spectrum King LED was doing all those years ago was and is the truth.

Why? Because they actually studied plants and let them do the talking and not marketing hype or copying the work of others.

Through the years they placed results with real plants in real gardens at the forefront and even went as far as inviting naysayers and other people down to see with their own eyes in the early days and to this day will schedule a visit to a commercial facility so people can see for themselves.

Spectrum King LED Continues To Evolve With SK403
Courtesy of Spectrum King LED

Spectrum King LED’s SK403

The all new SK403 from Spectrum King LED puts out a staggering amount of light for drawing just 460 watts from the wall. Made to cover a 4×4 area in flower and built for real world garden conditions whether in a closet or a tent in a garage or a greenhouse or a larger indoor grow it is ready to shine for your plants and deliver the goods. They let third party labs publish all the numbers for output so no gray areas or creative marketing ploys that others use can be put upon them. The product speaks loudly for itself. It is very efficient, scoring 2.1 umol/j. 

What does that mean? Is it good? Yes, it is! That means this light is putting out more light for each watt consumed than most lights currently released today and is a massive leap forward. The SK402 put out 44,873 lumens which was good and now the new SK403 is putting out 62,080.9 lumens. Many people will say “lumens are for humans” but it is still a good measurement and most light meters today measure lux, lumens and PAR all of which are the 400-700nm range aka the visible spectrum. This means the SK403 puts out over 38% more light than the previous generation SK402 which was already an outstanding light!

Spectrum King LED Continues To Evolve With SK403
Courtesy of Spectrum King LED

The SK403 gets PAR readings better than most 1,000 watt single ended bulbs all the while using less than half the power! With a certified PPF of 973.6 and a BPF ( the range that plants actually use in addition to the 400-700nm range) of 1,055.7 shows that this light is not a gimmick or novelty item. At 18″ from the light the lab got a PAR reading of 2,218.6! 

Spectrum King LED is the originator of full spectrum LED grow lights and with their patented spectrum you can grow with confidence. Built to last and give you years of carefree service the SK403 can take any voltage from 110-277 volts out of the box and can be run indoors or outdoors. Safe for use in wet and humid garden environments as it is completely at home there and ready to shower your plants in luscious full spectrum lighting. The all new SK403 from Spectrum King LED is here  today and ready to claim it’s place as the champion of its product class. 

Want to know more? Just contact the team at Spectrum King LED.

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