Spectrum King LED’s Closet Case 140 Simplifies the Art of the Home Grow

Who doesn’t love homegrown crops?
Spectrum King LED's Closet Case 140 Simplifies the Art of the Home Grow
Courtesy of Spectrum King LED

In case you haven’t noticed, cannabis is all over the news. It could be argued that cannabis IS the news, or at least the only news worth talking about.

As so many states within our glorious nation and a number of countries around the world begin to grasp legalization, many people find themselves considering the idea of growing some weed for the first time.

I, for one, applaud this idea. It’s not just because I work in the industry. It’s because when people start growing their own, they begin caring a bit more about themselves and the world around them. Not necessarily in a hippie, free love way (not being critical or judgmental. just sayin’…) but in a well-being sense–and perhaps even experience a heightened awareness.

People have been farming as close to forever as anyone can reckon. Many have moved that farming indoors. Of course, if you’re going to grow indoors, you’re going to need a light source, since plants tend to like that. You’ll need a high-quality source, like, for example, Spectrum King’s Closet Case 140 watt grow light.

So if you decided you want to join the growing game, it’s always best to start with a small and easy set-up. The Closet Case 140 watt grow light is a simple-to-use fixture that allows you to start growing cost-effectively, has a 5-year warranty, is IP65 rated (safe for use in wet and humid environments… like grow tents, closets or rooms) and it’s only $219.00.

Let’s face it, a primary benefit of growing your own is cost. With a light like the Closet Case 140, you save a ton of money on your electricity bill because it pulls a lot less power from the wall. In addition, the Closet Case 140 doesn’t generate a lot of heat, and that saves on air conditioning costs. So you not only save money, you also get great yields and better buds.

Spectrum King LED's Closet Case 140 Simplifies the Art of the Home Grow
Courtesy of Spectrum King LED

One important point is to avoid buying something on a website just because it has a low price. The age old adage is all too true: you get what you pay for. Instead, look for positive reviews and lots of them to make choosing much safer.

Here’s a typical review of the Closet Case 140:

“The little light that does!!!!! Great light… great results… and little heat. If you are having second thoughts…buy this light and you will never again have second thoughts. I liked the first one so much I bought another one.”

When you’re going to spend your hard-earned money, it’s always a good idea to do some research first. Seeing which brands of lights have actual customer testimonials and videos across the myriad of social media platforms showing what they can do…

If your state (or country) allows you the luxury of a legally growing a little patch of heaven and you find yourself rejoicing at the thought of doing just that, then give the Closet Case 140 watt grow light a look. You may very well have found the right tool for the job.

With a little time and not much money, you can have plenty of great weed. Growing cannabis indoors makes for a rewarding hobby which, who knows, could become a new career choice or at least something to look forward to whenever you get home. Think about that for a minute…

Now go for it.

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