Spectrum King LED’s New Beast

Spectrum King LED recently launched their new, full-spectrum, LED grow light, the SK603.
Spectrum King LED's New Beast
Spectrum King

Spectrum King LED recently launched their new, full-spectrum, LED grow light, the SK603. Literally every aspect of this fixture is new, and once turned on, it seems like you’ve got the sun indoors with that full-spectrum, glorious light clearly reminiscent of the afternoon sun on a summer day. It is evident that they paid very close attention to detail on this grow light fixture with it being equally aesthetically pleasing and cutting-edge garden technology wrapped up into one phenomenal package.  

From advanced thermal dynamics to a more efficient power supply to diode arrangements for optimized output performance, this sleeker and more elegant model, which is the SK603, really brings its performance capabilities to another level. The addition of dual RJ12 ports for controller integration allows you to set from a couple to dozens to hundreds of lights into groups that you can schedule for sunrise and sunset, on and off times, adjust their output levels (which will be necessary for many strains and other types of plants) with many off the shelf controllers available today if needed for an overall better garden experience. 

Whether you look for BPF, PPF, umol/j or any other output measurement the SK603 by Spectrum King LED will impress you with its numbers. Keep in mind that many people now publish their numbers as well but it is always important to see where those numbers come from and how they arrived at them and more importantly who actually measured them.

Front view of Spectrum King’s SK603 light.

Cultivators Choose Spectrum King LED with Confidence

Spectrum King LED have always allowed third-party, industry approved and certified labs to take their fixtures and report back their findings in a very professional and transparent way. That kind of confidence that they exude in knowing that their products will perform great is like playing poker with four aces in your hand; it’s a win assured and will bring a smile to your face. More importantly, it allows you to grow with confidence. These lights were made with plants in mind as a singular focus. Having good numbers is great, but having better plants is, well…just better.  

The SK603 grow light has a BPF of 1,623.2. As that is the measurement of the spectral range that plants actually use, that is very impressive indeed. Knowing that sensitive strains are grown with canopy levels in the 650-750 PAR range, and more light hungry plants take 1,200 or so in most indoor grows, you can see that you have a light made to grow plants that require the most intense light yet it only uses 656 watts of power at 120 volts and even less at higher voltage.

Full-spectrum lighting is Spectrum King’s specialty.

With the new horticultural standards for efficiency requiring 1.5 umol/j or higher, it is nice to see that the SK603 from Spectrum King LED comes in at 2.2 umol/j. Just so you know umol/j (micromoles of light per joule of energy used to create that light) shows how well a fixture uses the power it consumes. In older terms it means that you get a lot more light per watt of energy used. No bulb fixtures come anywhere close to that level of efficiency which shows us why LED grow lights are the future.  

All of that light coming out of a fixture that uses minimum 35 percent less power than any 1,000 watt bulb fixture, yet gives a better spectrum and no damaging rays of light nor the excess heat that bulbs emit is clearly a win for your environmental systems too.

For example, if you have 100 HPS 1,000 watt bulb fixtures running in a grow site in a hot area like southern California, you would need almost 50 tons of air conditioning to cool the room off to keep it plant safe. With that same 100 lights being SK603, you wouldn’t even need 20 tons of AC, and you would cover the same canopy footprint!  It is nice to see an LED fixture that is a true 1:1 replacement for 1,000 watt HPS fixtures whether single ended or double ended bulbs.  

From there, a simple question comes up: Have you ever seen anyone clean a light bulb? Probably not, and if you did, that process most likely did not go well. Bulbs don’t age well, nor do they like being handled or wiped down. Typically in commercial grow facilities, they know that the bulb and reflector need to be replaced at least once a year.

Bottom view of the brand-new SK603.

Many places change bulbs more often than that, as they can clearly see degradation in their results after a few harvests. Those costs incurred and efforts put forth to do that don’t exist with LED fixtures. With the SK603, you could literally hose it down while on and not hurt the light in any way! If you’ve ever worked in a greenhouse or indoor grow room, you know how dirty it can get, even when you’re cleaning the room regularly. Knowing that you have no bulbs to change and you can just rinse the light off from time to time and keep growing is like giving you hours of your life back that you would have spent maintaining bulb fixtures.  

Spectrum King LED is the company that brought full-spectrum, LED grow lights into being and have been doing just that longer than anyone else in the industry. A company built by growers for growers with the same obsession: bigger yields and better quality plants. With their new SK603, they really do seem to be onto something. This light is a beast and a winner simply put. If you’d like to know more just go to their website: www.spectrumkingled.com or you can call or email them. They are based in Los Angeles, California and are ready to answer your questions. 

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