Squier’s Specialty Edibles: Real Fruit, Real Flower, No Funny Business

Squier’s Speciality Edibles on their all-natural and holistic approach to all things fruity, good, and canna-curious.
Courtesy of Squier’s

Squier’s Specialty edibles is all about the real and the authentic. Take a peek into their process.

The world of edibles has undergone colossal growth since the days when consumers were buying their brownies from their dealer down the street with complete disregard as to the quality and quantity of cannabis they put in them.

This often raised the question of, “Was this store-bought brownie mix infused with some poorly ‘homemade’ cannabutter so potent it was about to blast you into another dimension, or so low-grade that you would need a whole tray just to feel the effects?”

Courtesy of Squier’s

Zack Squier remembers those days well, and aims to continue on the path of growth and innovation that the industry has seen over the past decade, leaving the uncertainty, stigmas, and lack of quality behind.

Squier’s goal is to raise the bar on our priorities when it comes to consuming edibles, bringing the ingredients to the forefront, and leveling their importance to the same standard as the top shelf cannabis extracts he uses in his products. He wants to raise the question, “Why are we consuming cannabis edibles that we would not otherwise be consuming if they didn’t contain cannabis?” 

Entering an era where individuals are increasingly more health-conscious than the days of TV dinners and soda pop, as consumers we tend to steer clear of products pumped full of artificial flavorings, sweeteners, and food colorings in our everyday lives. Why should we have to renounce our values if we want to consume an edible, and why are our values around food suddenly neglected in order to accommodate our cannabis consumption?

Courtesy of Squier’s

“Our goal is to give people a product that they can feel good about consuming, guilt free. We start from scratch with all of our products, no pre-made purées or artificial flavorings, just real ingredients and cannabis. You’ll taste and feel the difference,” says Squier.

Unlike your neighbor’s brownies, Squier’s utilizes the highest quality full-spectrum cannabis extract, allowing consumers to reap the benefits of the whole cannabis plant. The decision to use full-spectrum extract over distillate was a simple one. The most natural of all cannabis concentrates, full-spectrum expresses all elements of the plant, including all of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Full body and balanced are two effects you can expect. 

Squier’s flagship product is their beverage enhancing Elixirs, made from 100% real fruit, fresh-squeezed citrus, and organic sweetener. Suggested for optimal enjoyment of flavor and effect is mixing directly into seltzer water, essentially creating one’s own fruit-based THC soda.

The options do not end there, however. In addition to mixing with sparkling water or any beverage of one’s choosing, Squier’s Elixirs can moonlight as a food enhancer as well. With a background as an executive chef and years in the culinary world, Zack Squier strongly encourages creativity and innovation with his products. Offered in an array of flavors and dosages, they can be used as an ice cream topper, added to baked goods to personalize your own edibles, or mixed into sauces, marinades, and dressings—anything that could use a little ‘fruit’ punch! 

Courtesy of Squier’s

Being that they are pocket-sized makes them an ideal choice for dosing discreetly and on the go, and giving consumers the ability to completely customize their preferred dose from micro to macro. The ingredients and portability are just a few perks to Squier’s Elixirs. Users can expect to feel effects within 15 minutes of consumption. The company’s signature emulsion process creates an incredibly fast-acting, water soluble product without any additives or stabilizers. 

In addition to the beverage enhancing concentrates that Squier’s Specialty Edibles offers, is the anticipated launch of their new ready-to-drink beverage line. Offering a refreshing, sophisticated, and complex flavor profile—This ready-to-drink Elixir is the ideal substitute for alcoholic beverages.

“We know the detrimental effects that alcohol has on both the body and brain, and that’s not to mention the dreaded hangover felt the next day. Our products encourage the same inclusivity and social aspect as alcohol, but with hangovers not included,” mentions Squier. Unique fruit pairings, fresh citrus, carefully selected botanical flower blends, organic raw blue agave, and top shelf full-spectrum cannabis are the components of Squier’s new ready-to-drink beverages.

The company plans to launch a few new lines over 2022 and 2023, including a micro-dosed cold brew coffee line, brewed from sustainably grown and sourced beans hailing from a farm in Peru, and a vegan gummy line made from 100% real fruit and organic ingredients. Wherever you see an edible with the Squier’s stamp, one thing is certain, it was made with the highest quality ingredients and integrity when it comes to both the food and cannabis.

Courtesy of Squier’s

With plans to expand into Massachusetts, Vermont, New York, New Jersey, and some West Coast states the following year, soon, everyone will have access to chef-crafted cannabis infused food and beverages made with the highest quality ingredients. Squier’s plans to produce the bases for all of their products at their headquarters in Portland, Maine, creating an easy transition into other markets without sacrificing any quality whatsoever. “Essentially creating a ‘plug and play’ set up,” says Squier.

Squier’s Edibles will be looking for co-packing partnerships in new states. If your brand is interested in bringing Squier’s Specialty Edibles into your state, please contact zack@squiersedibles.com.

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