Strainprint Technologies App: An Application as Unique as You Are

We use apps for nearly everything; why not for tracking our cannabis use?
Strainprint Technologies App: An Application as Unique as You Are
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As the cannabis industry expands, gaps are discovered, and bridges are built. This is certainly true of the new Strainprint App,a company of dedicated data nerds, who are very interested in helping advance the scientific understanding of cannabis and its validity as a therapeutic option,” says founder Stephanie Karasick.

After going online in 2017, Strainprint Technologies now puts the ability to track your cannabis use in the palm of your hands, making it easy and convenient to follow the footsteps of the strains and products that work best for you, while simultaneously granting users access to a community of resources, education and up-to-date reports on the most effective products and medical knowledge in the market today.

After losing her older brother in 1978, Stephanie suffered from severe depression, isolation, anxiety and a profound fear of death. Subsequently, Stephanie sought professional help and began an all too well known switch back journey of taking antidepressant medications in hopes of regaining stability in her life. After years of trial and error, Stephanie’s psychiatrist discussed the treatment of PTSD in veterans with her and recommended she consider using cannabis. This unconventional endorsement is what set her on a path of renewed self-discovery and the desire to share her experience with as many people as possible.

Compelled to record her experiences, Stephanie found an old moleskine journal and began to write down her experiences with each product and strain, “jotting down as many variables as [she] could and keeping track of how [she] felt”. She made a connection to her Fitbit, which tracks her daily steps, and she wondered to herself, “why is there no software that could track how I’m medicating”?

Shortly after her revelation, Stephanie sought to develop a simple prototype for the application to get a read on whether it could be useful or not. The response was remarkable and based on the collected data, Stephanie and her colleagues set out to develop a finalized version of the app that would encompass more than just a digital journal, but a collection of information and experiences that could be shared with the community at large. This would include patients, researchers, businesses, manufacturers, members of the medical community and beyond. 

So, in addition to giving the user an easy-to-use tracking app on their phones, it also grants them access to the experience of other consumers while storing and processing the analytics on a large scale, providing first-hand testimony, statistics and evidence to what works and why. “The more we learn about how people are using cannabis, the more the industry can evolve to suit the needs and wants of patients and consumers,” says Stephanie. All the data is stored and encrypted, ensuring patient privacy while creating a powerful portal with millions of data points that is revolutionizing the industry from the inside out.

Without a doubt, the benefits of this user-friendly application are being received from multiple angles, but from the perspective of the user, “Strainprint has helped them feel in charge of their health and helped them with the dialogue with their physicians, [as well as] gain a better understanding of how cannabis works (or doesn’t) work for you, [and] to understand the right strain and ingestion method that allows for optimal efficacy.”

Application Features

  1. Session Tracking – input what symptoms you’re treating, how bad it is, what strain you’re using, how you’re consuming it and how much you’ve consumed. After a bit, you’ll receive a notification asking how effective the strain or product was in treating your symptoms.
  2. Session History – search through past sessions organized by effectiveness to find what strains or products worked best for the symptoms you’re experiencing.
  3. Personal Log – access your personal logbook of all tracked sessions to share electronically with your healthcare provider, physiatrist, etc. for a clear picture on how your treatment is progressing. 
  4. Learn and Compare – use your personal data to compare to the efficiency of past sessions based on a ranking system with the most effective being at the top of the list, making it easy to see what works best for you.
  5. Strainpoints – redeemable points you can use at select locations simply by using the app for promotions and discounts.
  6. Community and Resources – access to a worldwide community of consumers to engage with for knowledge and support as well as a plethora of resources on strains, symptoms, retailers, brands and research.

“The company was started by patients to help other patients,” Stephanie says. “We’re always evolving with the goal of helping people use cannabis better. That’s always been our focus and will always be at the core of what we do.”

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