The 22 Greatest Stoner Video Games of All Time

There’s no disputing the fact that good bud can turn a decent movie into an awesome experience. But when it comes to video games… well, it’s sort of like a movie that allows you to get into the action personally. Over the past few decades, certain games have emerged that have truly revolutionized the way stoners the world over entertain themselves. From the all-time classics to some of the more recent titles to hit the scene, arm yourself with the right games and killing a whole night in what feels like seconds is guaranteed.

“But which games to choose? And which strains?”

Well, there’s some really informative cannabis news on the 420 Blog of SeedSupreme – also the best place to legally buy high grade marijuana seeds. As for the games, it’s a case of trying your hand with a few obvious titles and one or two you probably wouldn’t expect to be as mind-blowing as they are. And if you’re willing to risk scaring yourself senseless, you could be in for one hell of a ride!

So after pulling together the thoughts and opinions of the masses, what follows is a brief rundown of quite simply the best stoner video games of all time.

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Here is the undisputable list:

The Curse of Monkey Island


The fact that Monkey Island comes from the same studio that cooked up Star Wars says quite a bit about its pedigree and awesomeness. But it was and always will be the third installation that took things to a whole new level for stoners. Guybrush Threepwood took center stage, presenting players with the seemingly endless challenge of finding hidden stuff right in front of you and doing something productive with it. There’s nothing quite like the frustration of spending hours clicking every pixel on the screen, or the satisfaction of finally finding what you were looking for!

Street Fighter II Turbo


It’s not as if there haven’t been thousands of fighting games to emerge since the 90s. Nevertheless, there will only ever be one fighting game that pretty much started the whole scene off and defined a genre in one fell swoop. Street Fighter II Turbo isn’t just a well-earned trip down memory lane – it still plays like a dream by 2016 standards. If you’re planning on playing between bong hits, you’ll be right at home with the comparative simplicity of the king of ’90s fighters.

Mario Kart


The question so many stoners have lost friendships debating – the original Mario Kart, or Mario Kart 64? Truth is however that the answer really doesn’t matter – either will get the job done in a big way. Once again, it’s what’s technically genius simplicity that makes Mario Kart one of the ultimate games for stoners. The single player mode might not win you over, but in terms of multiplayer action…well, red shell induced tantrums and party storm-outs usually come as standard.

GoldenEye 007


There’s only one very slight problem with GoldenEye 007 – there’s always one smug sod in the group that’s nailed the trick of picking you off with one shot the second you spawn. If it’s you, great. If it’s not, get set to have your patience tested. Still, the game based on the first Bond movie to start Pierce Brosnan is known far and wide for being one of the best multiplayer games on any platform and in any genre. Master the art of using those Remote Mines precisely and you’re golden…pun intended.

Ridiculous Fishing


The concept is clearly ridiculous…no surprises there. But what did surprise gamers the world over was just how much substance there was behind the bizarre façade. So much so in fact that Ridiculous Fishing netted a boat-load of awards when it landed. You play as Billy the fisherman, yanking fish out of the water and summarily shooting the living hell out of them for fun. And fun is exactly what it is – especially if you rip a few bong hits in between turns.

Super Mario Bros

It’s not until you take a step back from Mario that you really get an idea of how surreal it all is. Undisputed prince and hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, he spends his time jumping on local residents, throwing turtles all over the place, eating mushrooms, ridings a dinosaur, throwing fireballs and repeatedly throwing himself to his death. Yep, just a normal day all-round. Exactly which of the Mario titles takes the top prize is a subject of frenzied debate, though you won’t do much better than Super Mario Bros 3 on the NES or Super Mario World on the SNES.



What’s cool about the GTA franchise in general is how you know Sam and Dan must have been hitting the herb pretty hard when they came up with the concept. Every installment had its own unique charms, but GTA 4 excelled in ways nobody saw coming. Even playing alone, the fact that you can take a midnight stroll through an alternate version of New York City and cause mayhem along the way is epic on a whole new level. Throw in a little multiplayer and well…what more could you want?



Is Fifa a better football sim than Pro-Evo? Perhaps not better as such, but it’s certainly more satisfying and easier to handle stoned. It really doesn’t matter which year you choose as it’s not the graphics you’ll be interested in anyway. It’s of course all about the multiplayer, which can transform the shy and placid members of your gang into fired-up raging beasts when there’s any kind of bet involved. Get yourselves a tournament going and you can kiss goodbye to your weekend!

Roller Coaster Tycoon


Another wonderful hit of nostalgia combined with a game that’s genuinely addictive, entertaining and hilarious like almost nothing else out there. There are really only two ways of playing the original Roller Coaster Tycoon – one being to succeed as its creators intended, the other being to find the most creative and amusing ways of killing innocent part visitors. Suffice to say, about 99% of the game’s most loyal fan-base opt for the second strategy. If you’ve ever played it yourself, you’ll know why.

Wii Sports


Even if fresh air and exercise aren’t your kind of thing when you’re high, it’s guaranteed you’ll get a massive kick out of Wii Sports. It was and is the game that makes it worth forking out for a Nintendo Wii in its own right…the first-gen console being practically given away for free these days. It’s always a blast when you’ve got a bunch of games all brought together in one package, but chances are it’ll be the golf, tennis or bowling that has you hooked for the whole night.

Red Dead Redemption


It might be cliché and some would argue wrong to compare Red Dead Redemption to GTA. But then again, how can the idea of crossing GTA with a fantasy Wild West setting be anything other than ridiculously awesome? Everything about Red Dead Redemption takes immersion and atmosphere to new heights. Stunning graphics, a glorious day-night cycle and so many ways of killing hours and days outside the set missions. This is a franchise that absolutely needs and deserves a brand-new installment.



The words ‘thought-provoking’ are the first that spring to mind when looking to tackle Limbo after a joint or two. The whole game was designed to make you question your beliefs and think a little deeper than you otherwise might. Exploring a world of shadows, encountering characters that are already dead and all while on a mission to track down your little sister.

Super Smash Bros


Most Nintendo classics are perfect pairings for high-quality bud. Super Smash Bros is an all-time favourite in stoner circles if for no reason other than bringing together every character you knew and loved in your childhood. The result is a whole world of surreal pairings and square-offs the likes of which never get dull. And the fact that it’s brilliantly easy to control makes it ideal even for those barely willing/able to move even a finger.

Online Slots Games


When you’ve tasted some of the high-grade and you get to playing some slots at online casinos you can really forget about everything and just watch the flashing colors and noises. Some of the slots games available are movie and some are just so colourful and mesmerizing.

Resident Evil


In a technical sense, Resident Evil just kept on getting better. In a game-play sense, there’s just no beating the first couple of installments. It came from an era where it wasn’t possible to make horror titles with movie-quality graphics, so it was a case of relying on tension, jump scares and solid game-play. Three boxes ticked in spades by the first Resident Evil, which only gets better after a bong hit or two.

Silent Hill


The very first Silent Hill was less a game and more a raw test of your nerve. They managed to nail the concept of making you practically soil yourself with fear, even in instances when there was nothing happening. Low visibility, eerie calm and the knowledge that at any time, something hideous might be just about to creep out of the fog. Awesome while stoned, just as long as you don’t play it alone.

GTA Online


While it was GTA 5 that initially took the world by storm, GTA Online has become the definitive installment for stoners. Why? Well, quite simply because you can guarantee that at any time day or night, there are no doubt hundreds of thousands of other stoners just like you ripping bong hits and causing chaos online. A world of maniacs with nothing better to do than wail on each other and live out their semi-twisted competitive fantasies. You’ll get so much time out of GTA Online that it totally justifies the price of the console on its own.



Diving back into the horror genre for a moment, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Outlast would be the opposite of a stoner classic. But it isn’t, in fact it’s loaded with the kind of tension and atmosphere that will always take your buzz to the next level. You’d need some serious balls to play it for more than a few minutes alone, but bring a few friends along for the ride and you’ll never tire of watching your mates silently soil themselves. If you’re looking for the best online head shops to take the fear to the next level, the LIWTS website will tell you exactly where to go!

PaRappa the Rapper


Right at the other end of the spectrum comes a true classic you totally forgot existed. What makes PaRappa the Rapper an ideal stoner game is the fact that a heavy dose of weed makes it borderline impossible. With your reaction times a little on the slow side, even the easiest levels will present the kinds of challenges you never anticipated. Things get faster, you get slower, the results become more hilarious and you have to stop yourself launching the controller across the room… pure genius!

Lego Games


Pick up any game at all from the Lego series and you’re golden. Star Wars might be the obvious choice, but there’s much to be said for Batman, Harry Potter and all the more obscure variants you can pick up online. There’s the promise of all the joy of building things, odd worlds to explore, shiny goodies to discover and the kinds of one-line catchphrases you’ll wish you’d have made up yourself.

Rock Band


Technically speaking, Guitar Hero was nothing more or less than a way of upping the ante with your air guitar. Rock Band on the other hand gave a world of wannabes the opportunity to at least pretend they’ve got the skills and charisma to become real rock stars. The addition of drums and vocals to the mix was nothing short of genius, though it’s still the guitar that gets argued over the most. Awesome tunes, psychedelic visuals and the guarantee of at least one of your group throwing a primadonna strop after screwing things up for the eleventh time in a row.



Last but not least, you’ll find more than a few seasoned experts out there consistently rating the game: Slender as the number-one stoner game of all time. First of all, there’s really no game out there that does a better job recreating exactly what you get from an epic Hollywood horror movie. Secondly, there’s the way in which it is uncomplicated and minimal in every way, which makes it a thousand times more terrifying than even the most advanced AAA horror titles. Thirdly, there’s the fact that the Slender Man himself is spectacularly scary – you only have to catch sight of him for your sanity to be quickly drained away. And finally, the fact that it is FREE makes it an absolute no-brainer in every way!

  1. FUCK YA, Pot and video games are the best combination EVER! Besides pot and sex of course. 😉

  2. Final Fantasy games were always fun to play with a buzz. The story gets a little convoluted, but the visuals were always amazing. Skyrim was a blast too. I would get so immersed in that world, I would sometimes forget I was in my apartment.

  3. Skyrim? Katamari Damacy? Saint’s Row? The Witcher 3? Fallout? Mass Effect? These were overlooked? Lol

  4. These games are all old. Nothing wrong with that but i’d rather play Battlefield 1 stoned. I also genuinely enjoy smoking a bowl or two and putting the HTC Vive on, it makes the experience feel more believable.

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