The Best Dime Bags that Fit a Smoker’s Lifestyle

From padded bags to smell-proof bags that keep even the dankest weed sealed in tight, Dime Bags has a bag perfect for smokers of all kinds.
Dime Bag

Dime Bags has become one of the biggest brands in the cannabis industry that doesn’t actually touch the plant. From crafting an eco-conscious Hempster material, made out of 70 percent hemp and 30 percent recycled polyester, to discreet, smell-proof protection; Dime Bags has created a large line of bags designed for smokers and the alternative lifestyle.

Not only are Dime Bags durable, sustainable, and eco-friendly, fans of the brand also enjoy personalizing their bag with Dime Bags’ removable Velcro label patch. There are over 100 customizable patches that can bring some personal flair to a Dime Bag—varying in themes, colors, and even nonprofit organizations that receive donations from patch purchases. 

With more than 50 colors, multiple levels of protection and loads of styles, a new fan may not know where to start when getting their first Dime Bag! So, here is a breakdown of Dime Bags’ best sellers that fit a smoker’s personality perfectly. 

The All-In-One—A Padded Pouch for Everyone

The All-In-One is a padded bag with a smell proof pocket that keeps the dankest weed sealed in tight, comes with a perfectly sized rolling tray, and in a wide variety of 22 colors. The name truly speaks for itself as it has everything needed for a dope smoke sesh—just add a smoker’s go-to glass and favorite strain and you’re ready to go! Available in four different sizes—a 5” for those compact one-hitters, 7”, 8”, and a spacious 10”, all with multiple interior padded pockets, it’s the best stash bag on the market.

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This multi-faceted pouch also has padded pockets and soft velour to keep all your belongings from clinking and scratching one another, making it the best smoking buddy for keeping any and ALL goodies safe.

The Don and The Boss with Lock—Bags to be Discreet

Smell-proof bags are a big deal in the cannabis industry, and the Omerta line by Dime Bags has a variety of charcoal-lined bags that keep the smoking business strictly confidential. This collection is perfect for the smoker on the downlow thanks to its active, carbon-lined technology, making it 100 percent smell-proof. Keeping with the low-key vibe, the Omerta line only comes in three subtle colors: black, camo, and green.

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The Don is the crossbody bag perfect for the smoker who needs an everyday bag that can carry all of their essentials (wallet, phone, keys, water bottle, etc.) but still requires the security of a smell-proof exterior. As an added bonus, the Don has loads of pockets for organizing everything and easily maneuvers anywhere you go. 

For that EXTRA sense of security and an added level of protection, get familiar with the Boss with Lock. The padded, smell-proof bag of smoker’s dreams comes with a three-digit combo lock that keeps unwanted visitors out. Truly, a stash bag doesn’t get much better than this! However, if you’re not in the market for a lockable padded bag, then there is the regular Boss, which is a straightforward, smell-proof, padded pouch—all the same scent protection just without the added security of a lock.

The Pod—Perfect Travel Bag 

By far, the best travel bag that Dime Bags currently offers is the lightly padded, but still roomy Pod. This padded travel case comes in three different sizes—5”, 6”, and 7”—with loads of bells and whistles. Compact enough to toss into a backpack, purse, or tote, these babies can also be clipped onto a belt loop or lanyard for extra light travels. 

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Don’t worry about being gentle with this hand-held companion, either – with both mesh netting and multiple pockets, the Pod keeps your glass and metal goodies from duking it out in open space. Everything stays safely secured where you need it. The original Hempster material is great to show off at the skate park, while the new Water Resistant material will keep things dry during a beach day. 

Omerta Duffles, Tote, and Backpack—For Large Smell Proof Transportation

Want to carry pounds of the primo stuff in a convenient, odor-proof bag? Dime Bags lets you express your personal smell proof style with two different sizes of duffle bags, a fashionable tote, or a sleek backpack. For extra security, these Omerta bags also come with a heavy-duty built-in lock (only unlockable with the unique set of keys provided at purchase). Whether you’re carrying to a dispensary for a drop-off, or just need an everyday, smell-proof bag that can handle the daily essentials, there’s a smell-proof Omerta bag for it. 

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Looking to haul up to 10 lbs of flower across town discreetly? Check out the Omerta smell proof Cleaner; with interior and exterior pockets, easy-to-carry handles, and a padded shoulder strap, carrying weed quickly is easy. Maybe it’s a lighter delivery day and the HUGE Cleaner isn’t exactly needed. Enter the Omerta Associate and Convoy the perfect weed bags that can carry up to five pounds in a scent proof mid-size duffle or tote style that are every bit as slick as the Cleaner.

Need to carry three pounds via smell proof backpack and toss a few other essentials in there, maybe a water bottle on the side? The Omerta smell proof Transporter is the bag for those smaller deliveries with room for other work essentials. It’s a perfect smell proof backpack that doubles as your everyday bag. 

Conversion Tube and Duffle Tube—The Big Hitter Who’s on the Go 

To give your beloved glass that 360° protection (along with multiple interior padded pockets to hold downstems and bowls or any other small loose glass pieces), Dime Bags has you covered with their full line of padded tubes. The Conversion Tube boasts a velour-lined, padded interior that’s completely removable to ensure proper securing of your valuables before sliding them into the main compartment which is carried backpack style.

The 18” Conversion Tube will hug 17” pieces and below, while the 23” can support up to a whopping 22” bong! The padded Duffle Tubes pack the same butter-soft interior padding with convenient carrying handles and come in three tailor to fit sizes: 10”, 15” and 17”. 

Pro Tip: When shopping for the right size bag to protect your glass, go up one inch in bag size from the measured length of your piece (don’t forget to measure the base diameter also, as depending on how wide it is, smokers may need to go up another size). 

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Large glass needs love too, so take that beauty out on the town, show her off a little here and there! Remove the risk of that glass breaking or chipping when moving from one smoke spot to another. Getting to the perfect sesh spot doesn’t have to be risky business! Depending on the size of the glass a Dime Bags’ Conversion Tube or Duffle Tube is the perfect glass insurance bag.

No matter the destination or what’s being carried, Dime Bags has a lifestyle bag, padded pouch or smell proof partner to keep belongings safe during transport. Visit for more dope bags, or support a local head shop and find the nearest carrier here.

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