The World’s Classiest E-Nail, The Dab Slab, is a Slice of Humboldt

Medicine, anytime, anywhere.
Courtesy of The Snail Nail Company

Now dabbing concentrates anytime, anywhere with your favorite glass rig couldn’t be easier. Say GOODBYE to the sketchy torch scene and upgrade with the temperature-controlled world’s classiest portable e-nail, The Dab Slab™️ by The Snail Nail Company.

Does taking dabs on the beach while watching the sunset reflect your “happy place”? Or perhaps, sharing some hash rosin with the crew by a campfire sounds like fun? Better yet, what if you could smoke from the helmet of your favorite team with the newly released football edition battery-operated e-nail for a clutch addition to your next tailgate party!

Courtesy of The Snail Nail Company

If any of that sounded good to you, The Snail Nail Company has got you covered! 

The Snail Nail Company is an electronics company that specializes in battery operated e-nails. The company was created in the hills of Humboldt County in Northern California by legacy roots co-founders. This majority women-owned company creates unique staple electronics for the emerging concentrate consumption market with style. Whether you are into a sleek design or a party favor electronic, The Snail Nail Company has something for you! 

These handcrafted e-nails are great for personal consumption use as well as being able to efficiently accommodate large groups of consumers in an event setting. (Remember the 215 High Times festivals? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t… anyways…) Set up a classy “dab bar” at your next party with a Dab Slab anywhere you want with the two hours of constant-use battery life or plug the slab into an outlet and watch the night take off with unlimited constant use!

The company’s most sought after product is The Dab Slab which is an aesthetically-pleasing upgrade to the typical consumption devices you will find in the marketplace. The Dab Slab “A slice of Humboldt”™️ are handcrafted devices made from actual slices of various kinds of wood all sourced from the USA. Woodworking on each individual Dab Slab takes time and precision to create the final beautiful product for the customers to enjoy. The Snail Nail Company takes pride in their craftsmanship that they put into manufacturing their products to ensure the customers always have a grade A experience. 

Courtesy of The Snail Nail Company

The original idea of a battery-operated e-nail came to the founders after years of participating in the Prop 215 festivals time period in the legacy California market & attending mass consumption events over the years. The founders had the idea of making cannabis concentrate consumption more convenient and classier than the current options on the market.

All of the different products made by The Snail Nail Company are referred to as “snail nails.” This is due to all of their products having unique outer “shells” that house their signature portable electronic components. The shells of the snail nails may differ from each other however their internal electrical components are identical. This consistent external and internal makeup of their devices led to the creation of their company name, The Snail Nail Company and their slogan to “Be More Than A Shell.” The company believes in the cannabis plant as a gift for all people and promotes consumers coming together from all walks of life to enjoy the plant together as a company motto.  This means… Lots of parties!!! 

Courtesy of The Snail Nail Company

One of the best parts of The Snail Nail Company is that they LOVE to COLLAB! They promote this with their signature Dab Slab Collab Program. Their program offers the opportunity for BRANDS, DISPENSARIES, EVENT COMPANIES & LOUNGES to collaborate and add a staple electronic to their marketing efforts and potentially even adding an additional revenue stream to their bottom line. The Snail Nail Company makes intricate engravings of logos to the top of their signature Dab Slabs as a way to co-market other companies in a clever, useful way that brings value to the collaboration business partnership. Having a BRANDED staple electronic that is used on a regular basis by consumers is a great way to market your brand or spruce up your party/venue. (E-mail for Dab Slab Collab inquiries specifically.) The company most recently did a Snail Nail Co X MysticTimber Dab Tools collab for a Hush Party in Vegas during MJBIZCON that was epic! They value being a small part of the cannabis community and love to work together with other companies to create special and exclusive products. 

The Snail Nail Company originally launched with a collaboration with WaxNax to run a dab bar at the Green Street Festival in DTLA in mid 2022. They have since had many dab bar setups including an unforgettable night at the Tyson 2.0 Kali Mansion in Las Vegas. 

Similar to how the cannabis industry was deemed ESSENTIAL during the pandemic, The Dab Slab is ESSENTIAL for dabbers everywhere whether for personal use or for use in a cannabis lounge like The Barbary Coast in San Francisco. The Dab Slab is a great option for places that won’t allow open flame torches but welcome temperature-controlled electronics for use in their venue. 

Courtesy of The Snail Nail Company

The Snail Nail Company values that their devices are able to be shared with the masses and loved by all! The Dab Slab specifically brings people together in a fun way while accessing medicine in a classy and efficient way. Whether you are young or old, speak the same language or come from the same culture, smoking on this device in a group setting can be accomplished and promotes inclusion! Cannabis has a natural way of bringing people together from all walks of life similar to good music or delicious food and The Snail Nail Company embraces this vibe to its full extent with The Dab Slab.

Some of the current options on the market for dabbing are: non-portable basic metal box e-nails, unsafe open flame torches or inefficient atomizer constructed heating devices that created a problem/opportunity worth solving… so The Snail Nail Company did that. Get your Dab Slab today! It’s a device that once you add it to your life, you will wonder how you ever lived previously without it!  

Grab yours now—and by doing so, you will also contribute to a tree being planted for each Dab Slab that is purchased.

The Snail Nail Company #beMOREthanaSHELL


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  1. Hey there! First off, I just wanted to say what a fantastic read that was, and a big shout-out to the author for sharing their insights on “The Dab Slab: A Slice of Humboldt”! I’ve always been fascinated by the world of cannabis, and this article truly captured the essence of Humboldt County’s unique cannabis culture. From the scenic beauty to the rich history, it’s clear that this place holds a special spot in the hearts of cannabis enthusiasts.

    Reading about the Dab Slab was truly intriguing. I had no idea that a humble kitchen counter could be transformed into a masterpiece for cannabis extraction. It’s amazing how the folks at Humboldt Cannabis Tours have turned their passion into a full-blown business, offering visitors an immersive experience and a chance to witness the magic behind the scenes. The attention to detail in creating a safe and professional environment for extract enthusiasts is commendable. I can only imagine the thrill of seeing the intricate process unfold right before your eyes.

    All in all, this article not only shed light on an incredible spot in Humboldt County but also inspired me to delve deeper into the world of cannabis. Kudos to the author for their engaging storytelling and for bringing the Dab Slab to our attention. Keep up the great work, and I’m looking forward to more exciting reads in the future! Cheers!

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