The MISHMASH FLÜT TÜLBOX Is a Gravity Bong Kit for Grown-Ups

It would appear I’ve earned the title of ‘luckiest bastard this side of the Mississippi’ because I can officially add ‘professional dab device test dummy’ to le olde resume.
Courtesy FLÜT

I’m a hash-addled fiend who lives to inhale terps so when the good people over at High Times contacted me asking to review some of the new MISHMASH products, I shed one single thug tear of joy knowing deep down that I finally made it.

The package arrived during an actual blizzard that unexpectedly dumped about a foot of snow at my house where it almost never snows so opening the box felt like receiving an arms shipment in the heat of intense battle. The snow prevented me from driving anywhere and maybe an hour before the box showed up my Puffco stopped working and my torch ran out of butane so I was staring down the barrel of going without dabs on a snow day. That shit should be illegal so shout out to the FedEx guy who risked his entire life to deliver me the necessary supplies.

I brought up the Puffco for a reason and the MISHMASH people probably won’t like me comparing this to that but ignoring the elephant in the room is a good way to get brutally murdered by an elephant tusk through the ribs. The Peak and Peak Pro led the way in portable dab technology so to ignore the obvious comparison would be sinful. There are things I like and dislike about both products and we will get to that.

The MISHMASH FLÜT TÜLBOX is an all-inclusive kit for what is essentially an electric gravity vape bong. It’s not exactly a gravity bong but I say that because of the way the vapor feeds into the glass attachment and the way it hits. It has a circular plastic base with a generic 510 thread in the middle. The kit comes with two differently-shaped glass chambers, either of which can be placed on top of the base while the vapor feeds into the attachment and subsequently removed for consumption. One chamber looks like a rocket-themed coffee cup warmer that would have been used before the bombs dropped in Fallout 4. The other looks like a sippy cup with a silicone top. If you haven’t played Fallout 4 please consider getting your life together before reading on, it’s been out for like ten years you’ve had plenty of time. 

Courtesy FLÜT

It took me a while after unboxing everything to realize what this device was really capable of. Whereas a Puffco is meant to replicate the traditional experience of dabbing with a torch and nail, the FLÜT appears to be meant to improve upon the experience of a gravity bong and make it accessible to concentrates. If you’re only looking to smoke six-star hash and keep all that super terpy flavor, this probably isn’t the electric dab device for you because it can do many other things whereas Puffco products are geared toward specifically that but I think the FLÜT actually appeals to a larger portion of the consumer market than a Puffco might because a lot of people seem to like cartridges and with the FLÜT they can switch off between cartridges and anything else they want.

The 510 thread on the MISHMASH FLÜT can be used with any corresponding 510 attachment. For those who don’t know, 510 is what the overwhelming majority of vaping accessories use which basically opens a whole world of possibilities that previously were not available in gravity bong form. Not to shill my own work but if you happened to catch my article about the stackable vape technology which allows you to vape nicotine and cannabis simultaneously, you’ll know that the world of vape attachments is vast and they all use 510 threads so you can now take gravity bong rips a million different ways including but not limited to, a six-cartridge spliff vape combination (Yes, I am absolutely going to try it please pray for me).

It feels weird even calling it a gravity bong because when I say that I think of a socket wrench attachment being substituted for a bowl piece crudely stabbed into a melted milk carton cap. The milk carton, of course, has the bottom cut off and is being drawn upwards from a dirty 5-gallon work bucket filled with tap water, creating the deadliest milky yellow smoke from a one-gram bowl of the mids that invented mids. You take the rip, your soul leaves your body entirely and your lungs effectively cave in on themselves. Shortly thereafter you watch the I, Pet Goat II video on YouTube fried out of your tiny little 15-year-old gourd and never experience true happiness again. That’s a traditional gravity bong experience and I’ve only seen one other worthwhile modern take on gravity bongs so to receive one capable of making cartridges actually smoke well was an unexpected treat.

I’m not lying either! Cartridges don’t have to be a soft-ass experience anymore and let’s face it, they have been until now. I can’t stand cartridges because you can never get a decent rip out of them and they taste like shit. That said, a lot of people use them because they have to be discreet while they’re at work or around family so I can only imagine those people will be pleased to know there’s a tabletop vaporizer that will milk the absolute bejeezus out of any cartridge you have and give you a proper hit that for all intents and purposes should completely floor you. I have the tolerance of ten men and one full cup of cartridge vapor on the low heat setting is enough to keep me happily sedated for a couple of hours, which is saying something.

As for the shape of the attachments, I really like them both because it looks discreet but the shape also makes for a quick and potent rip. Honestly, if your boss is a complete dork who knows nothing about weed you could keep the whole thing on your desk and there’s a good to fair chance no one would ever ask you about it. It smokes well for what it is too. It heats up and stacks vapor in the glass for about 30 seconds which as dabbers know, is dangerously close to “stale smoke territory” but for hitting like a gravity bong, it’s actually pretty smooth. Like I said before, the atomizers it came with for traditional dabbing did not maintain the taste as well as I would have liked but given that you can attach anything to the 510 thread, I’m almost certain there’s another attachment available somewhere that would provide you with a better taste because the TÜLBOX is cool enough, in my opinion, to defend buying it anyway.

Courtesy FLÜT

I say that because people have their own preferences and almost every stoner friend I have who doesn’t work in cannabis is generally unable to smell like reefer all day long. They all smoke cartridges and they all have the same complaint: the carts don’t hit hard enough. Usually, I tell them to seek spiritual enlightenment through the magic of hourly half-gram full melt hash dabs but now, I’m gonna tell them to buy the MISHMASH FLÜT TÜLBOX. Keep it in your car, keep it in your desk drawer, keep it anywhere you might be able to sneak two fiscal minutes of privacy because that is genuinely all you need. Once you activate the device the cup is full of vapor in thirty seconds and it dissipates in another minute after consumption. Obviously, if you work inside an office, you can’t take fat rips inside but you’ll be pretty much undetectable anywhere with airflow. Hell, I’d say if no one bothers you for 15 minutes at a time you can probably smoke it inside but if you get fired it’s not my fault.

Another huge upside of this device is that it’s unbelievably easy to keep clean. As much as I love my original Peak, I have to clean it every two days to keep it from getting too gunked up to function and even then they still break sometimes because the parts are very delicate. The MISHMASH FLÜT base is super simple and durable. It’s made of plastic and silicone rather than glass. The glass chamber is dishwasher safe and can easily be cleaned by hand (a dishwasher may not hurt the piece itself but if you wash a piece covered in dab resin in your dishwasher you deserve all the clogged pipes and resin-covered cookware you end up with).

Overall, the MISHMASH FLÜT TÜLBOX was a pleasure to get familiar with and the usage of said device paired with a Lemon Cherry Gelato cartridge (or Runtz or whatever) inspired every word of this review. Go get you a MISHMASH FLÜT if you know what’s good for ya. Use my special discount code *HASHDAD for absolutely no discount whatsoever.

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  2. Well… I’m glad I came to the comments. I’ve started experimenting with THCa flower recently due to health reasons and the fact that we’d is illegal in my state. I was looking for some insight but apparently I should look elsewhere🤷

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