Feel Like Royalty. Party With A King

The King Extract gives you a taste of the high life with its brand new product. Feel like royalty. Party with a king.
Courtesy of King Extracts

We know you’re always down for a good time. You work hard and you play hard. While that used to mean all-night ragers followed by all-day hangovers, that scene has gotten to feel a little old. You’re looking for something fresh, new and sophisticated.

If you’re on the same grind every day, the desire to shake up your routine is probably reaching critical levels. After all, you can only answer emails, return calls and crank out that last report before quitting time. And this humdrum cycle is even worse when Friday rolls around.

When it’s time to unwind, you need to flip that switch and flip it fast. Everyone needs to decompress! And what better way to do that than with some smooth music and a smooth hit of cannabis? You’ve earned it. King Extracts knows this well. And with their new King Recharge vaporizer model, kicking back with some bud has never been better. We know you want to feel like royalty. Party with a King.

The King Recharge

The Night I Partied With a King
King Extracts

Cannabis connoisseurs all have their preferred method of consumption. While some prefer to roll a joint or loading up a dab rig, an increasing number of others have a particular fondness for using a vaporizer.

Part of the reason for this is that pens have paved the way for a newfound freedom. You know why? Because they are discreet as anything. You get the same instant camaraderie gained from gathering around a bong but with less of a production. And it’s much more incognito. Same end game, less of a scene.

Regular vape users have seen their fair share of products. They may think they’ve seen it all. But this King Recharge will undoubtedly blow their minds.

High Tech That Won’t Quit

The Night I Partied With a King
King Extracts

Remember the way technology replaced those giant brick cell phones that cost $12 per minute to make a call with smaller, sleeker and smarter devices?

That same exact trend is happening with vaporizers. They’re only getting better.

This is not your mother’s device. It’s not even your mother’s weed. This vape is small enough to fit right in your hand while you use it and the case allows you to bring along three different cartridges. So, when you want to toke on some sativa but your friend fancies a flavored indica concentrate, you can just swap them out in a matter of seconds.

With a flick of the wrist, you can cater to the quirks and individual tastes of your clique. And speaking of taste…

Flavored cartridges can be a divisive topic among consumers. But these King oils are tasty. Even your biggest flavor haters can be won over.  Instead of tasting like chemicals, the cartridges taste fresh and clean. The same can be said for the effects of the oils. There’s no getting around it: this system will make you feel good.

You can hit the King Recharge throughout the night. Switch up the cartridges between the King Sativa (Jack Herer), the King Hybrid (NYC Diesel) and a pleasing bubblegum flavor and pass it around. Sharing is caring, right? This vape will not disappoint in either functionality or quality of their tasty oils.

Yet another great thing about King Recharge is that the vape actually charges right in the case. Nobody likes a dead vaporizer! Wherever the night takes you, the King Recharge will keep up the pace and live up to their motto: Vape. Recharge. Repeat.

Final Hit: Feel Like Royalty. Party With A King

The Night I Partied With a King
King Extracts

You work hard. You deserve a vape that will work for you. Whether you’re kicking back at the end of a long day or amping up your night out with your friends, the King Recharge won’t let you down. One night out with this baby and you’ll never go back.

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