The Perfect Gift—Dream from The Kind Pen

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I’ve finally found the perfect vape pen!

The sleek and stylish Dream from The Kind Pen hits hard, never clogs or leaks and even comes with a lifetime warranty. You can choose between a titanium coil chamber with dual quartz rods or the coil-less chamber with a ceramic dish, and it comes with three different temperature settings between 350-430 degrees. This allows you to either take flavorful low-temp dabs with no combustion in the ceramic dish, or you can do huge monster hits in the titanium chamber with the two coils heating your oils. The airflow control gauge on the side puts you in charge of how much air can circulate through the pen as well.

Instead of a button on the side, the Dream has a touch sensor on the bottom of the pen. This keeps the pen from accidentally going off in your pocket. The glass mouthpiece allows you to see what’s happening inside the chamber.

I find that most vape pens start off working great and then taper off in quality over time. The Dream doesn’t deteriorate at all. I’ve been using mine for a couple of months, and as long as I keep it relatively clean, it just keeps hitting like a brand-new pen. It’s not hard to see why it won Best Portable Vaporizer at our 2016 High Times Cannabis Cup in Southern California. All of the flavinoids and terpenes of the competition’s best concentrates shine through hit after hit in the Dream.

Whether I load it with shatter, crumble, wax or even solvent-less rosin, the Dream just keeps hitting consistently time after time. The long lasting 1500 mAh Lithium Ion battery stays charged for a ridiculous amount of time and heats the deep chambers quickly and effectively. It won’t conk out on you during a camping trip or a long round of golf.

I love that the Dream pen is easy to clean. I set it to the highest heat setting and burn off any remaining residues. Then, I swipe the glass mouthpiece and the chamber with an alcohol swab or q-tip, and it’s good to go. With no wicks, glues or dyes there’s also no chance for any unwanted or damaging buildup to occur.

Did I mention the lifetime warranty? That’s correct: The Kind Pen will replace any malfunctioning part of the Dream for just the cost of shipping and handling. And that’s yet another reason why the Dream from The Kind Pen is the last vape pen you’ll ever have to buy, and the perfect gift for anyone looking to vape their concentrates discreetly and efficiently. 

Get the Dream from The Kind Pen for only $59.99 after coupon!!!

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