This Vape Battery Will Change Your Life

The Hamilton Devices vape battery will change your life for the better—here’s why we’re big fans. You’ll never lose a battery again!

In the age of cryptocurrencies and the rising popularity of buying stock, we are all constantly encouraged to invest. Invest in our portfolios, invest in NFTs, invest in Dogecoin. Hamilton Devices’ Gamer Battery is an investment. It is an investment in yourself, your peace of mind, your performance, and your savings. This battery is powerful and durable, designed to live longer than the others and be almost impossible to lose. All the money you waste on replacing a battery you lost can now go to better things. So much precious time, points, and lives lost because you tried to hit your vape while playing video games. But that is over.

Hamilton Devices, the leading innovator of vaporizer technologies, has done it again! This groundbreaking product was designed by people on the go for people on the go, because vaping should be done with ease. Whether you are playing League of Legends, Fortnite, or a classic game of Super Mario, you do not have time to mess with a bulky mod or press more buttons; you need a nice, clean hit to keep you focused because every bit of your concentration counts. When time is of the essence and attention to detail is paramount, rummaging around for your vape could cost you big time. You could miss your shot, lose points, or worse, lose your life. That is where the Gamer Battery makes all the difference! 

Hamilton Devices created the Gamer Battery to be unlike any other battery on the market. With a sleek, user-friendly design, this battery hangs on a lanyard around your neck and holds what you love most (THC) close to your heart. Light yet powerful, this battery turned pendant is barely noticeable until you take a puff and exhale the thickest clouds ever seen for a battery of this size. Don’t want to accessorize? No worries! This battery is the perfect size for your pocket for use on the go.

Most batteries on the market are cumbersome and made in flashy designs, with all the attention on cool color options and how they fit into your hand. Not the Gamer Battery. This battery is the closest to a hands-free vaping experience you can get, with inhale-activation and a retractable cord attached to the battery. This innovative design allows you to let your hands to do the work while you are free to puff away on your favorite strain. Once you have reached your high, the cartridge magnetizes to the battery and stays close-by for your next fix.

Courtesy of Hamilton Devices

But you don’t have to be a gamer to experience the glory of this innovative device! This amazing product was made for those who are constantly on the go. Whether you are running errands, juggling multiple tasks, or have your hands full at an event, the Gamer Battery is exactly what you need to stay high and sharp. Gone are the days of worrying about the whereabouts of your battery or whether you can afford to take a quick rip with the tasks at hand.

We have all been there—searching various pockets for our vape pen only to discover it is still on the table in front of us, or it is in the bag we swear we didn’t put it in, or it is in our friend’s hands. Or even worse, it has disappeared into the abyss. It can be difficult to keep track of your beloved vape, especially when out in the hustle and bustle of the world. I have lost count of how many times (and ways) I have misplaced a vape battery, but it is always when I am in an environment full of distractions or in an environment that frankly cannot afford distractions. Countless vapes lost to my favorite dive bar around the corner, a tight squeeze into an Uber with my friends on a Saturday night, and multiple concerts and music festivals. I have learned to be as strategic as possible when storing my vape on-the-go, but often my hands resort to muscle memory and put the vape in a different place than originally planned. 

Courtesy of Hamilton Devices

But those days are over because I am now the owner of a Gamer Battery. This product has (not to be dramatic, but) changed my life. As a full-time writer juggling multiple projects at once, I do not have time to worry about where my vape is, hence why I have lost so many over the years. Months ago, I admitted defeat. I was tired of always rummaging around for a vape pen just to lose it days or weeks later because my mind cannot keep track of it, so I decided to stop buying batteries. 

Soon after, I began crossing paths with people who had made makeshift changes to their mods to ensure they never lose their “old reliable.” One that piqued my interest was a makeshift retractable cord glued to the bottom of their battery and attached to a keyring that secured safely to their belt loop. Amazed by their industriousness, I asked them what inspired their invention. They had the same problem I, and everyone else, did—they had constant trouble locating their vape pen and lost a few along the way.

Determined to eliminate this problem, they superglued a retractable cord to the base of the battery and decided it would be safest attached to their hip. At the time, this seemed like a lot of crafting skills and time I did not have, so I continued without a vape for the next few weeks until I discovered Hamilton Devices’ Gamer Battery. I was in awe. 

How has no one thought of something like this? The design is sleek, simplistic, futuristic. The battery rests against my chest, ready for use whenever I need a puff. Of course, having bought multiple batteries over the years, I had my reservations about the Gamer Battery. For one, I was concerned that the clouds would lack in size because the battery was so petite and compact. Boy, was I wrong—the clouds are massive! This battery reaches a full charge in under an hour and offers three levels of power up to 3.7V. All you need to do is screw in your cartridge; place the lanyard around your neck, and you are off to the races!

Courtesy of Hamilton Devices

Hamilton Devices has done the unexpected, and dare I say, the impossible—they have simplified the most simplistic method of consumption with the release of this remarkable product. With power, functionality, and big clouds in mind, the Gamer Battery was designed to be the most user-friendly, reliable battery on the market. Say goodbye to the days where your battery cost you! No more fidgeting with a vape pen only to lose precious points or your life. No more emptying your pockets just to discover you once again left your battery at home or at the bar. No more digging through your backpack in the dense crowd at a music festival, hoping to locate your battery while avoiding losing something else.

No more worries because you have the Gamer Battery. 

It is no surprise that these are selling fast, considering the state-of-the-art design and affordable price point of just $41.99 (before your first purchase discount). 

Get yours before it’s gone.

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