Top 10 Cannabis Facebook Pages to Follow

10 cannabis companies doing great work on Facebook.
Top 10 Cannabis Facebook Pages to Follow
Courtesy of Seedsman

With the global legal marijuana market worth a staggering $13.8 billion in 2018 and a projected increase of over 25% every year until 2025, the current cannabis industry sits within the same economic ranks as the music and online influencer industries.

Unsurprising, then, that the future-minded tech giant Facebook had to sit up and take note and is now actively working on putting safeguards and policies in place to allow consumers to safely access cannabis-related pages rather than merely opting for a site-wide ban, which was their initial approach. 

But while credit is most definitely due to the social media platforms who work to provide their users with content they want, we also have to recognize the great work of global cannabis companies.

So, what better way to show our appreciation to these companies than to run through our top ten picks?!

1. Seedsman

One of the leading online seed banks in the cannabis industry, Seedsman has established a reputation of delivering high-quality products from their own range, as well as an unrivaled library of strains from across the globe since 2002.

Now, this forward-thinking company doesn’t just offer thousands of seeds from the world’s most respected breeders; they have also expanded their product range, opening CBD and vaporizer websites in 2018 and 2019, respectively.

Their diverse product range is now reflected in their Facebook page, which regularly posts informative articles, cultivation advice, video content, product reviews and a host of exclusive promotions and competitions, most notably the Seedsman Photo Cup.

Since its launch in March of this year, the Photo Cup has garnered over 21,000 entries and, by the time of its conclusion in November, will have given away over $45,000 worth of cash and prizes.

Seedsman’s Facebook is community-driven and admins enjoy interacting with their audience, so get involved today to ensure you never miss out!

Top 10 Cannabis Facebook Pages to Follow
Courtesy of Seedsman

2. GrowWeedEasy

Full of tips and guides for growers and growers-to-be, the Grow Weed Easy page offers helpful videos that do a great job of explaining different cultivation strategies.

Not only that, they also boast their very own bustling community where members can share tips, tricks, and ask for advice from their peers when needed!

With hundreds of tutorials to follow, Grow Weed Easy is a great resource for canna-enthusiasts and users. Best of all, they focus on offering time-saving advice to make sure you can fit your growing hobby into your everyday life!

3. Grow Diaries

Do you ever see a cultivator sharing pics on Facebook from their latest crop and wonder just how on earth they produced such a great plant? Well, wonder no more with the Grow Diaries page. It’s not only a grow logging page, but it’s also incredibly educational, with exact info on each plant that you see, from the strain and breeder all the way to advice on nutrients, soil PH levels, and more.

But it’s not just photos of thriving plants you’ll find on Grow Diaries. They also share images of plants that aren’t doing their best and call on their community of seasoned experts to offer advice and help novice growers learn best practices and pitfalls to avoid.

With advanced methods for plant cultivation and incentives for staying active in the Grow Diaries community, including the chance to enter some great giveaways, there’s every reason to check out their FB page!

4. NowThisWeed

One of the largest news sources for the cannabis industry on social media, Now This Weed is an incredible resource for staying up to date on the legalities, industry breakthroughs, and studies conducted in the cannabis industry.

The page is run by the Now This organization, a media company launched in 2012 to offer a more progressive news source that talks about relevant topics of the day. It’s perhaps unsurprising that, while they focus on nine areas of news from entertainment to finances, their cannabis-focused news outlet is one of their most popular.

5. Legalize It? We Think So.

A popular page that aims to encourage awareness and provide information for consumers to make informed decisions on using cannabis for either medical or recreational purposes.

The LIWTS page does more than just offer up entertainment and education for consumers, they’re also doing their bit towards tangible breakthroughs in the legalization of cannabis across the globe by partaking in discussions and events, and encouraging their community to get involved.

6. Snoop Dogg

While not uniquely focused on cannabis, we couldn’t have a rundown of our top ten Facebook pages without mentioning the renowned Snoop Dogg—one of the biggest advocates for recreational cannabis use and a downright entertaining soul.

Consistently sharing humorous and thought-provoking content on cannabis, sprinkled with healthy doses of music and lifestyle posts, this is definitely a top pick for those leaning towards the entertainment side of the canna-world!

7. Merry Jane

All about the culture, politics, and news in the cannabis industry, the Merry Jane page has a great combination of interesting articles on the scientific research currently taking place, alongside countless success stories of medical use.

With beautifully written content, they provide the expert and layperson alike with not only interesting articles to read, but genuinely great journalism with the highest levels of integrity.

Top 10 Cannabis Facebook Pages to Follow
Courtesy of Seedsman

8. World Of Cannabis

Full to bursting with cannabis appreciation, this lighthearted page is chock-full of humorous posts from hilarious memes and videos, and of course, photos of especially stunning plants for us all to sit back and appreciate!

When you’re not in the mood to read research papers, and instead just want to enjoy laughing about the culture of cannabis, this is the place to be.

9. Growing Marijuana

For the avid cannabis grower and those just getting into this new and rewarding hobby, the Growing Marijuana page might just be your favorite news source of our top ten picks!

With a perfect combination of cultivation tips, industry news and legality updates, this page actively curates the best journalism within the industry.

But it’s not just articles that you’ll find on this page—it’s packed full of entertaining and educational videos, too!

10. High Times

What better way to cap off our 10 favorite Facebook pages than with the largest page to focus on cannabis, in terms of audience?! High Times is an incredible, thought-provoking news source for our industry and one that has greatly helped spread awareness, knowledge, and interest in the cannabis industry.

High Times has garnered a huge following of over 5.5 million people on Facebook alone, which perhaps gives some insight into the quality of content that their team provides on a daily basis.

It’s heartening to see just how many Facebook pages there are that focus on the cannabis industry, and impressive that many boast a following of several million.

As our industry continues to grow, we benefit from more in-depth research showcasing the safety of the plant, and the efficacy in helping to overcome some of our generation’s biggest health concerns such as anxiety and chronic pain disorders.

But it could be a case of the chicken and the egg. While many hypothesize that this research aids our industry’s growth, the argument could be made that as social media platforms such as Facebook provide a platform for cannabis, the scientific world is encouraged to increase their research programs due to societal demands.

Either way, cannabis companies and news outlets are most definitely helping to push our industry forward, and we should do our bit in supporting that. How? By following these pages and engaging in the community discussion, of course!

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