Trying Delta-8 Gummies for the First Time? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Delta-8 gummies can be a great way to consume cannabinoids—as long as you find the right company. Aire Hemp has you covered.

In the past year, it’s quite surprising how suddenly Delta-8 THC products have exploded onto the scene, revolutionizing the hemp and cannabis market for those looking to catch a high-quality buzz.

Since it’s a relatively new discovery, many people haven’t tried Delta-8 THC products yet, and still aren’t aware of how it differs from Delta-9 THC or it’s other practical benefits.

Delta-8 THC is an “alternative cannabinoid” (an industry term that describes a compound other than traditional THC or CBD) that gives you a unique buzz that you simply can’t find anywhere else. It lets you relax and unwind but also provides you with the fun, psychoactive experience that you look for when you take regular THC.

For all those total Delta-8 beginners (and those who are more in the know), here’s a crash-course to bring you up to speed with this fantastic hemp-derived cannabinoid.  

  1. Delta-8 THC is naturally present in both hemp and marijuana in varying amounts. It’s a complimentary molecule to the more famous Delta-9 THC that you’re used to.
  2. Delta-8 THC is extracted commercially from legal hemp flower to create a high-purity isolate that is then used to create vapes, gummies, enhanced flower, tinctures and more.
  3. Delta-8 THC and its products are psychoactive; its effects are typically described as less intense than a Delta-9 high and causes a body-focused buzz instead of adversely affecting the mind. 
  4. Delta-8 THC is a cannabinoid that directly interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system. It works only with CB1 receptors, affecting processes related to the brain and nervous system.
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Ready to Try Some Delta-8 THC? How About Starting With Aire Hemp Delta-8 Gummies?

Gummies are a great first step into the world of Delta-8 highs because they’re easy and convenient to take and you can enjoy a buzz without worrying about the smell or taste of hemp.

On top of that, you don’t necessarily want to smoke to get high. Or, maybe you don’t want to smoke weed because it can make you too high. Whatever the reason, THC Delta-8 gummies are a great alternative to classic marijuana products.

This is why it is crucial to find a good, reputable company to buy Delta-8 gummies from; a company that provides third-party lab testing and COA (certificate of analysis) on their website and uses the best and purest form of hemp to produce Delta-8 and other derivatives.

Aire Hemp is a leading online dispensary that specializes in high-potency Delta-8 THC gummies. Starting with organic, outdoor, US-grown hemp, they create their own Delta-8 isolate in-house through their proprietary and patented (yes, they invented and patented their own extraction method) process to create the highest grade and most chemically pure Delta-8 isolate available on the market.

Armed with this industry-leading extract, they infuse all your favorite gummies to create an easy and fun way to get those funky vibes that you’ve been chasing, all wrapped up safely—free of additives and impurities and backed up with published COAs.

Aire Hemp is a great first stop for anyone interested in Delta-8 gummies (or vapes…  or flower…)

Aire Hemp’s Delta-8 gummies come prepared with 25-50mg of Delta-8 isolate and  \are made using all-natural and vegan ingredients. Instilled with Delta-8 distillate, they are fat and gluten-free, making them suitable for vegans and also those with a gluten intolerance!

And with so many flavors and types to choose from, it’s literally like being a kid at the candy store all over again!

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Available Flavors and Types: Peach Rings, Apple Rings, Watermelon Rings, Sour Gummi Bears, Sour Neon Worms, Sour Gummi Poppers, Beep Bears, Sour Patch Kids, Sour Rind Watermelon, Warheads Sour Cubes.

Aire Hemp is at the Forefront of What’s Next in the World of Alternative Cannabinoids 

It’s an exciting time in the world of alternative cannabinoids with new breakthroughs happening all the time. Aire Hemp’s chemists, scientists and technicians are the forefront of this cannabinoid revolution, actively working on the next big breakthrough and developing new products to allow people to craft their own high by combining exotic cannabinoids with other compounds. Without giving away too much, imagine the possibilities of:

  • A Delta-8 THC & Melatonin blend designed to improve relaxation and create the perfect state of mind for relaxation or deep sleep.
  • A CBG & Caffeine product line for those looking to max out their concentration & focus for crunch time and those all-nighters.
  • A mixture of THCV & Nootropics (smart drugs) for heightened brain functioning, such as improved creativity, motivation, and alertness. 

These products are closer to being a reality than you might think, so stay up to date with Aire Hemp in the future by following their social media profiles.

Buy the Best Delta-8 THC Gummies Online At Aire Hemp!

With Aire Hemp, you can be sure to get authentic and reliable Delta-8 THC gummies to start your Delta-8 journey. For those looking to try some of the best delta-8 products available in the market, Aire Hemp stands out at the forefront of production, safety and product development. With a variety of flavors and formats, we’re sure you’ll find something that appeal to your taste and preference. 

Happy Delta-8 shopping!

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