Upgrade Your Vaping Experience With The Bloom DART

It’s small enough to fit even the tiniest of pockets!
Upgrade Your Vaping Experience With The Bloom DART
Courtesy of Bloom

Written by Sarah Berrafato

I am pretty ‘old-school’ when it comes to using cannabis. I prefer smoking flower over edibles or vapes, and I enjoy using my glass bong but will settle for a pipe or joint. But recently, I had the opportunity to take Bloom’s newest vape system, the Bloom DART, on a test run with me for a week in L.A. for review. With that being said, I am in love with the Bloom DART! Whether you’ve been vaping for years or just looking to get started, I think you’ll fall in love with this new system too!

For me, the Bloom DART is the closest vaping experience I’ve found to smoking flower. The battery packs more power than traditional vapes I’ve tried, so each puff is consistently easy to pull and full of flavor (consistent hits and dosing are crucial for someone like myself who is trying to figure out how much oil it takes to calm my anxiety and still remain functional). I felt the effects more strongly because of this and didn’t feel the need to take hits as often as I normally would with a traditional vape.

My favorite part about the battery, however, is the way it fits and feels in my hand. Unlike traditional vapes that are long and thin, holding the DART is slightly heavier and more compact, but feels smooth and sturdy making it fun to grip. It fits perfectly in my palm so I can conveniently hit it just about anywhere. It’s not awkwardly long so it fits in my pocket (yes, even tiny pockets) for discreet keeping.

Note: I took the DART with me to Magic Mountain and had a blast sneaking puffs in between rides. Waiting in line has never been so easy, and dare I say, fun!

In general, the DART is extremely sleek and discreet. The mouthpiece is completely covered, leaving no oil visible to the naked eye. This made me feel safer and less conspicuous when vaping in public and allowed me to enjoy the DART more freely. To my surprise, I ran through the half gram of oil no faster than usual (I still have some left), which may be the best part of all!

Courtesy of Bloom

After a week of vaping the Bloom DART, I became much more of a fan and advocate for vaping than I ever had with my previous experiences using traditional vapes. The DART is easier to hit, hold, and locate when buried deep at the bottom of the black-hole that is my purse. The design is classy and feels like an essential accessory to accompany me anywhere—from a day out with friends, to a nightclub, or even a business lunch. Most importantly, the big, beautiful puffs the battery consistently serves up really accentuates the flavor of Bloom’s oil.

One of the main reasons I enjoy vaping is to experience flavors I don’t usually get from smoking flower, so finding a vapor method that consistently delivers tasty hits really improves the vaping experience for me. To top it off, I didn’t deal with any clogging or leaking and the charging unit is a universal micro USB, so it won’t be an issue when it runs out of battery—which hasn’t happened yet!

To put it bluntly, I HIGHLY enjoyed the BloomDART.

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