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This amazing THCA Flower is taking the world by storm.
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THCA is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in both marijuana and hemp, being the dominant compound in the marijuana plant, and existing in more trace levels in hemp. THCA flower is fast becoming a highly in-demand product on the hemp market, offering a legal way to enjoy a delta-9 THC high, because THCA, which stands for “tetrahydrocannabinolic acid,” is just the raw form of THC that converts into delta-9 once it’s heated – like through smoking, vaping, or cooking.

Still, as we all know, not all THCA flower is made equally. The bottom line is that some products are simply superior to others, in terms of things like freshness, strain selection, and effectiveness. Let’s talk about where to buy the best THCA flower that the market has to offer. In fact, you can try THCA flower for yourself using the code HIGHTIMES25 for 25% off with fast & free shipping from Bloomz. 

Can You Buy THCA Flower In Person?

The first choice you need to make when deciding where to buy your THCA flower is whether you want to buy it in person or online. Let’s talk about what type of shopping experience you’re in for if you choose to go the local, in-person route:

  • Smaller variety of products due to limited storage
  • Higher costs on flower to make up for overhead costs
  • Low freshness level due to low local demand, leading to products sitting on the shelves for a long time
  • Higher risk of ending up with fakes due to businesses that don’t specialize in hemp not knowing any better
  • Having to find a store that even sells THCA flower in your local area

But, if you do want to go the in-person route, you’re likely going to be able to choose from 2 different types of retailers:

  • Gas Stations/Convenience Stores: We really don’t recommend getting your flower here. These businesses are not about selling you the highest-quality products possible. And, since those who manage these types of businesses likely aren’t educated hemp experts, they themselves won’t even know if they’re carrying quality flower or not.
  • Vape Shops: By going with local vape shops, you have a slightly better of a chance of finding a good-quality product. But, don’t assume. Not all vape shop owners are well-versed in hemp-related matters. And, don’t assume all vape shops carry THCA flower, either.

At the end of the day, you should strictly avoid THCA flower being sold through an unlicensed party, like a vendor at a local pop-up market, or some stranger on Craigslist or Instagram that is offering to meet you in person, outside of a licensed business environment.

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Why It’s Best To Buy Your THCA Flower Online 

Basically, any serious hemp enthusiast will tell you that buying your flower from a trusted online hemp retailer is the best option. Here are the things you can look forward to when choosing to grab your THCA flower from a reputable online retailer, like Bloomz, that specializes in all things hemp.

Maximum Convenience 

Of course, no one will have a problem with the convenience of not having to leave home in order to buy THCA flower. Buying it online makes your life a whole lot easier, since you can just check out your cart and wait for the flower to arrive to you within a few days. Luckily, Bloomz Hemp even offers fast, free shipping and an easy to use website making the experience even easier and way more convenient for you.

Better Freshness Guarantee

Online retailers have a lot more visibility than local stores, as they get a lot of traffic due to worldwide exposure. As a result, online businesses typically have a very high product turnover rate, so that flower never sits on the shelves for long. Because of that, online THCA flower is usually sold extremely fresh, full of potent compounds and flavorful terpenes. Bloomz is known for having amazing prices on their THCA Flower as the quality is top notch and bulk prices are amazing.

More Affordable Prices

Because online stores don’t have such high overhead costs, they can offer you THCA flower at a much more affordable price. Many of them also offer free shipping, so you can really save. And, don’t forget that online businesses typically offer bulk-purchase options, like bundles, and hold deals and sales frequently, which is something you almost definitely won’t see in person. Bloomz is known for having amazing prices on their THCA Flower as the quality is top notch and bulk prices are amazing.

Quality Standards are Higher

With local stores, quality standards can leave a lot to be desired, as low local demand means fewer discerning consumers. Online retailers know that they’re extremely visible, and so they really need to go above and beyond to carry only the best of the best. Not only that, but the online hemp market is far more competitive, so companies just really can’t get away with carrying low-quality products. Bloomz Hemp has high product turnover that is made seasonally to guarantee fresh and potent products.

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More THCA Flower Products to Choose from 

Online stores usually have a lot more storage space to carry products, than, say, a gas station that can only carry a couple of hemp flower products on their crowded shelves. What this means is that you can find a lot more options when it comes to THCA flower, like a wider variety of strain choices and so on. Bloomz Hemp has bulk sizing, and many different strains of THCA flower that you will love and enjoy, easily having the largest selection of THCA flower on the market.

You Can Learn A Lot More About THCA Flower And The Company 

Another thing about choosing an online retailer is that you can learn a lot more about how that company makes their flower, and the unique standards and practices of the company you’re buying from. It’s always nice to find out where the flower was actually grown, how the THCA distillate was made and other little details that can ultimately tell you a lot about the quality of what you’re getting. Bloomz values transparency when it comes to their flower, making user reviews and product information readily available on their website to keep you informed.

Not All THCA Flower is Made Equally, So Choose Wisely By Going With Bloomz

At the end of the day, you’re far more likely to feel satisfied with your THCA flower by choosing a trusted online hemp retailer, where you’ll be more confident that you’re getting a fresh, effective, and clean product.  

At Bloomz, you can treat yourself to some of the highest-quality, top-shelf THCA flower on the market, infused with ultra-pure THCA distillate, available in a fantastic selection of strains, and always sold as fresh as can be.  Available in a few rare and sought-after strains, like Grape Frosty, Han Solo, Mac, Platinum OG and more! Bloomz THCA Flower covers all of your bases with a cultivar for every need.  

Meanwhile, you will be able to choose from a variety of sizes, while knowing that you’re getting unbeatable effectiveness and quality thanks to the freshness of the product, paired with the purity of the brand’s unique THCA distillate. Explore Bloomz THCA flower today with 25% off using the code HIGHTIMES25, and enjoy being treated to some of the best prices and quality around!

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  1. Friendly attendants at the counter giving all assistance to those in need. Big variety. But there are some Cannabis that are being sold very dry and therefore very expensive.

  2. Artehemp.com is my go to place for THCA flower huge selection fast shipping and the best flower I’ve ever smoked in 40 years. Blooms scenes a little too pricey and I have heard that it is not that great

    1. I also tried their other infused flower. It’s terrible. The base infused flower doesn’t even have a good amount of CBD or THCA in it. It’s like a massively low NR quality COA flower that is being used as a based to spray terps, additive flavorings etc. on. Terrible.

      1. My personal review and not paid-for sponsor is.
        Bloomz THCA flower 2 out of 10. The effects are there but they barely hit and that is on the strongest THCA flower they are offering. When the low-quality stuff that cost 1/3rd the price at least has me feeling calm, this THCA flower made me even more annoyed since it ain’t producing the same effects. Not even CBD. I purchased from PHC, Blacktie, JKDistro, Arete, WNC, SNC, SHH, 8HH, and many others to show my experience. They either sent me a crap order with the wrong flower or they are just terrible.

        THCP 0 out of 10
        Made me angry when I smoked it since it had little to no effects at all. I got stronger hits from D8 flower.

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