The Whizzinator Touch


Awareness of synthetic urine has been on the rise recently. With more coverage in news articles, the convenience of the internet and the tolerance of alternative lifestyles becoming more commonplace. It is no surprise to internet experts and marketing analysts that search engines are picking up a sharp rise in keywords like “fake urine, golden shower, synthetic urine.” The internet is and always has been a great place for people to seek out fetish items with anonymity.

Regardless of the reason for wanting to buy synthetic urine, experts agree that there is a huge difference in quality, and when it comes to urine, there are no greater experts than the staff at Alternative Lifestyle Systems, located in Huntington Beach, CA.

“Quality and discreteness matters to our customers,” says Paco, a synthetic urine expert at Alternative Lifestyle Systems. “Our urine (called Golden Shower) is ultra‐premium synthetic urine that has the same biochemical makeup as real urine. The same PH levels, the same color, the same vitamin composition, just like real urine” Paco claims.

“Lesser quality products on the market don’t have the same viscosity, texture, and chemical makeup as ours” Willy, an employee of ALS added.

The Whizzinator

“If you were to test my pee against our product, no scientist can tell the difference. They’re exactly the same. This allows for our clients to live out their adult lives as they wish in a cleaner, more healthier way. If you’re buying our synthetic urine as a way to simulate ‘wet sex’ (AKA Golden Showers), you can do so knowing that you’re not at risk of any infectious diseases. Most of our competitors just throw in yellow dye and some B vitamins into their solution. We take it the extra step forward, and we even do it at a better price”. Interestingly enough, 3 out of 5 adults claim that ‘traditional sex’ is no longer working for them in the bedroom, so the demand for synthetic urine is on the rise.

The companion product to Alternative Lifestyle Systems’ Golden Shower, is the World Famous Whizzinator Touch. A strap‐on prosthetic that looks and feels exactly like a real penis and comes in five different flesh tones: White, Tan, Latino, Brown and Black.

When asked if the black prosthetic is bigger than the others, Paco laughs and says, “No. They’re all the same size and they are all very real looking. The amount of pride and time that we take into getting our products to be the most realistic on the market place is incredible. Every detail on the Whizzinator Touch is accounted for such as the wrinkles and veins, the way it hangs, and the urine flow; it all looks and works just like a real penis. When you touch the silent valve, the Golden Shower Synthetic Urine is released and outcomes the fake pee.”

When asked about why just pee, Paco stated that they have another product called Jizz’m, which is for other adult niche audiences.

“People want to order their products online because they don’t want people to know what they are buying” Paco reveals. “We ship all of our products in discreet packaging, offer next‐day shipping, and are without a doubt the most realistic prosthetics on the market, and the highest quality synthetic urine — guaranteed” Paco confidently states.

If you’re interested to learn more about The Whizzninator Touch, or Golden Shower Synthetic Urine, you can do so by visiting Alternative Lifestyle Systems website,

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