Why Try to Fake a Drug Test When You Can Just Buy Clean Synthetic Urine?

Is synthetic urine right for you?
Why Try to Fake a Drug Test When You Can Just Buy Clean Synthetic Urine?

Despite the spread of cannabis legalization across the country, drug tests for employment and other purposes are still a common occurrence. And while some jurisdictions such as Nevada and New York City have passed laws that protect employees from being refused employment based on a positive drug screening for marijuana, in most places you can still be denied a job or even fired if you fail a drug test for weed.

This leaves many cannabis users wondering how they should approach an upcoming drug test. Even if you have plenty of time to abstain from pot before taking the screening, estimates of just how long THC stays in your system vary widely. Consequently, many marijuana consumers are looking for ways to ensure that they test clean. Many turn to the internet for advice, but search engine results are full of misinformation and myths that just don’t work.

Besides checking for the presence of drugs including cannabis, cocaine, opioids, and others, labs also do tests to ensure urine is genuine and unaltered. Samples are checked for the presence of compounds naturally occurring in urine such as uric acid, urea, and creatinine. The temperature, pH, and specific gravity are also measured and must be within specified parameters. Labs also test to ensure that samples haven’t been contaminated with bleach or peroxide in an attempt to trick the screening.

One tactic often employed is to fake the drug test by using clean pee borrowed from a friend or relative. It should go without saying, but that’s just gross so we’ll move on. Others have tried to use bleach or other liquids to dilute the urine or skew the results, but testing labs can usually tell if a sample has been doctored.

Another common method of beating a drug test is by taking supplements such as goldenseal or detox drinks or similar products, drinking vinegar, or other methods to help flush out the system. Detox products might be enough for occasional cannabis users but they’re not guaranteed to work. These types of products were actually more effective years ago than they are today. But with the higher THC levels of marijuana and the widespread use of cannabis concentrates, detox products are not likely to work for those who consume cannabis products regularly.

Drinking copious amounts of water isn’t likely to be a successful tactic for passing a drug test, either. While it might work over time, you have no idea how long it will take. And if you super-hydrate right before you pee in the cup, levels of creatinine will be too low for the sample to be accepted.

Synthetic Urine to the Rescue!

Perhaps the best way to ensure you provide a clean sample to a drug testing lab is by using synthetic urine. That’s right, fake pee. Synthetic urine mimics real human pee and contains chemicals that testing labs look for to ensure a sample is authentic. It’s also guaranteed to be free of the drug metabolites that would cause you to fail a screening.

If you’re looking for a reliable, high quality fake pee, try Quick Fix Synthetic Urine. It’s been the  most trusted brand of synthetic urine for more than 25 years and the formula is continuously updated to keep pace with the latest testing standards.

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