World’s Largest Online Headshop Relaunches Website After a Decade

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After over 10 years, the world’s largest online headshop,, has been relaunched with a total face-lift and an updated shopping experience that will leave stoners feeling more refreshed and giddy than buying their first piece.

Grasscity’s First Major Update In Over A Decade

Since the site’s initial release in 2001, Grasscity has grown to become a household name for many stoners due to it’s wide selection and reliable service for bongs, pipes and other cannabis-related products. While Grasscity prides themselves on superb customer service and a wide selection of products, after 15 years it was time for an overhaul.

Grasscity has been rebuilt from the ground up, starting with an updated navigation menu and a new-and-improved product-filtering system. With the new search tools and updated product navigation, the shopping experience now feels fluid, intuitive and seamless. In addition to the now-seamless shopping experience, users can also navigate through all of Grasscity’s sites—Shop, Forum and Magazine—right from the top navigation menu. Write on, Blades!

Simon Bannink, Chief Exectutive Officer for Grasscity, promises that the new website will be an exciting experience for both new and returning customers.

“This has been long over due, but we are extremely excited to launch our new website!” he said.

Bannink assured us that even though Grasscity has a new look, the company’s priorities will always be world-class service and efficiency: “This is part of our mission of being the #1 online headshop in the world and the relaunch of is just the first step forward. Currently, we are in the process of revamping our customer service and fulfillment so we can provide the absolute best shopping experience as the cannabis industry continues to expand.”

Intuitive New Mobile Website Design And Social Integration

For the on-the-go shopper, getting around on with their cell-phone has been more than a hassle, it’s been a pain. Fortunately, with Grasscity’s relaunch comes special attention to mobile users, who will now be faced with a brand new user interface designed specifically for mobile interaction. With a new mobile design comes improved loading times and navigation throughout the site, and of course users won’t need to pinch to zoom in to see the words on the page anymore.

Introducing the Grasscity Knowledge Base

Even if you’re not planning on getting new glass any time soon, Grasscity didn’t leave you hanging. While Grasscity techs were working day and night to create the ultimate shopping experience, Grasscity’s writers and cannabis experts were working to make the ultimate compilation of vital information for stoners.

Introducing the Grasscity Knowledge Base, home to an ever-growing collection of information ranging from the differences in percolators, to joint rolling tutorials, to the differences between scientific or heady glass. The Knowledge Base’s wide variety of information makes it an excellent tool for greenhorn smokers as well as cannabis connoisseurs to utilize whenever they have a question about cannabis.

Whether it be to check out the new, modern, glass shopping experience, the new and improved forums, or the magazine, take some time to look around on Grasscity’s new site today!

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