5 Marijuana Strains that Help Veterans

Veterans and others suffering from post traumatic stress tend to favor a variety of marijuana strains. Soothing and relaxing, indicas ease pain without inducing anxiety or heightening senses. Here are five distinctly different pot varieties that work wonders.

Strong Sleep

True OG — Elemental Seeds

This five-time High Times Cannabis Cup winner simply had to be on this list. The sheer power of the True OG, as well as the way it represents all of the best of OG Kush genetics, makes this strain a keeper for any grower looking for the real deal in seed form. She’s an indica-dominant hybrid that can yield over two pounds per 1000-watt light with CO2 supplementation.

Elemental’s breeders admit “The True is very finicky for cloning as well as very sensitive to overwatering and stress.” They also mentioned that as well as testing super high in THC, True OG tests very high in the terpenoid Myrcene, known to help THC and CBD act more quickly and effectively, something casual tokers and medical patients can both appreciate. They’ve been holding the genetics for over 10 yrs and has a very limited release of Feminized True OG seeds as well as several True OG crosses being release in September.

Lineage: The origin of the True Og is both a “mystery and a secret.”

Flowering time: 8-9 weeks

Contact: Elementalseeds.com

High CBD

CBD God – BC Bud Depot

Growers and patients searching for a CBD-rich strain that works wonders should look no further than the CBD God. After discovering a God Bud phenotype with 4 percent CBD, they pollinated it with a male Harlequin backcrossed four times to produce a wide range of phenos, some high in THC with some CBD and some high in CBD with much less THC. Some are even balanced 1-1 THC to CBD – a much sought-after ratio.

The indica-dominant nature of this plant makes it easy to grow even for the beginner. Breeder Matt tells me she’s a heavy feeder and a big yielder saying, “Her fat indica leaves and purple hues show she’s taken the dominance of her God parentage.” Patients interested in creating their own medicine will find what they’re looking for with CBD God and easily be able to cultivate it by themselves.

Lineage: Insolated Pink Pistil High CBD God x Harlequin Bx4

Flowering time: 8-9 weeks

Contact: BCbuddepot.com

Old School Relief

S.A.G.E. – TH Seeds

Adam named this spicy strain Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium, but everyone calls it the S.A.G.E. for short. The name couldn’t be more apt: S.A.G.E.’s sandalwood scent reminds us of fresh cooking herbs, and the flavor of a joint lingers on the tongue long after smoking. Try exiting the room briefly and then return to relish the rich, pungent smell that the S.A.G.E. leaves behind in her wake.

Adam says, “I have been smoking and loving the S.A.G.E for over 17 years; it’s one of my favorites to breed with. There’s not enough good things to say about it — if I was left on a desert island, this is ultimately the one plant I would want.” The buds swell in size over the last few weeks, so be sure not to take her down too early to get the best flavor and biggest harvest. Medical users will appreciate the S.A.G.E.’s effects in treating mood swings, hepatitis C and PTSD.

Lineage: Big Sour Holy x Afghani

Flowering time: 10 to 11 weeks

Contact: TH Seeds, thseeds.com

Uplifting (Not for Insomnia)

Nigerian — JJ-NYC, Top Dawg Seeds

African sativas hold a special place in the hearts of the “Haze Lovers Club,” and for good reason: Frantic fits of laughter characterize their old-school “up” high (sometimes referred to jokingly as “ampheta-weed”), though real African genetics tend to energize to the point of paranoia in amateur smokers. JJ-NYC, a longtime grower but newcomer on the breeding scene, backcrossed the notorious clone-only Nigerian Silk cutting using a reliable Northern Lights #5/Haze cross to keep those prized African traits intact.

Another strain that requires some patience, the Nigerian grows long and lanky and tends to stretch, but its typical spear-like colas fill out when fed properly, and the yields can be considered decent for a sativa. The big reward, however, is in the final product — an electric buzz with no ceiling that can make your heart race. This one is highly recommended for medical patients treating depression, seasonal affective disorder, PTSD and some forms of anxiety — simply prepare yourself mentally to anticipate the rising high and then sit back and enjoy the ride.

Lineage: Nigerian Silk x [NL #5 x Haze]

Flowering time: 10 to 11 weeks

Contact: Top Dawg Seeds, thcfarmer.com

Fights Depression

G-13 Haze – Barney’s Farm

2nd Place Cannabis Cup, Best Overall Strains, 2006

1st Place Cannabis Cup, Best Overall Strains, 2007

Barney’s head honcho Derry crossed the legendary G-13 male responsible for many of Amsterdam’s finest coffeeshop weeds with a favorite Hawaiian sativa to create the G-13 Haze, which promptly won Cup awards two years in a row. Spicy and sweet flavors as well as a stupendous, uplifting high make this sativa-dominant plant a real keeper.

G-13 Haze grows short and stocky for a sativa, forming dense, highly crystallized buds that fill out into long, firm colas. Remember that slow and steady wins the race with longer-flowering plants, so feed the G-13 Haze minimally and alternate between a mild nutrient solution and plain water. The scent will accumulate as the plant matures, finally resulting in a fragrant “fruit bomb” with a taste of incense and even cardamom. Medicinally speaking, this strain can be used to treat depression, ADD and ADHD. The G-13 Haze is also available in feminized form for farmers who don’t dig on growing dudes.

Lineage: G-13 x Hawaiian

Flowering time: 10 to 11 weeks

Contact: Barney’s Farm, barneysfarm.com

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