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Hash Review: LeeRoy (River Rock/Trichome Heavy Extracts)




Hash Review: LeeRoy grown by River Rock, extracted by Trichome Heavy Extracts
Genetic Lineage: (Trinity x Rare Dankness #1)
Fresh/Dry: Fresh-Frozen Whole Plant or (FF-WP)
Micron: 120u
Tools: Monocle with 16x-21x magnification, Halen Honey Hole, Halen Carb Cap/Dabber, unbleached parchment paper, Hitman Phase Two Birthday Cake Sidecar, Newport Torch, Rig Rag.

Visual/Press: 3.75/5

Beige beach sand. Not as light of a color as the Bruce Banner I previously reviewed. This is a couple shades darker, but still a beige color. Upon throwing the jar of hash in my pocket for an hour once it was taken out of the fridge from the dispensary, it definitely started to grease up on me. It went from a sandy texture, to a greasy, gummy, taffy-like texture that’s much easier to manipulate, and get on a dabber. Presses into a nice, flat patty, shatter patties. Tiny pieces of plant matter under the scope, but doesn’t look like much.

Aroma: 4.25/5

After the warm pocket cure and opening the jar, I get a fresh scent of Acidic/Skunk/Perfume/Chem with a slight hint of a sweet, rancid, earthy undertone. All good smells if you like Chems, OGs and Diesels. Slightly tingles the back of the nostrils upon taking a large inhale.

Taste: 3.75/5

Hashy, with a bit of a skunky/cherry/chem taste. The char this hash left on the nail takes away from the overall taste of this strain, even at colder temperatures. The aftertaste was good, as the hashy/char taste goes away, and earthy/skunk/fuel comes through. Definitely smells much better than it taste though.

Burn/Melt: 3/5

Left a slight amount of char on the nail. Pretty good melt. Bubbles away, but bubbles leaves a slight char muffin on my quartz nail. Had to heat it red-hot for a while to get the residual char off. Usually have to torch my quartz or ceramic nail red-hot anyway, but for this specific hash, it left more than what I thought it would. Lots of clear domes full of smoke. Nice to watch before you carb cap it. This strain and micron would be best used for the “Jermichael Tech” which is heating your domeless nail or having an E-Nail at whatever temperature you prefer, taking a titanium screen with the hash spread on the screen, placing the screen with the hash directly on top of the hot nail, whether it be ceramic, quartz, or titanium, and watch it melt as you inhale. Check out the #Jermichael hashtag to get a visual description of what I’m describing.

Effect: 4.75/5

Stoney, lazy, lethargic, mellow, great nighttime high, or a great high to relax with, like watching a movie, playing video games, or reading and writing. Will put a dent in your afternoon if you aren’t careful. Munchies hit me like a ton of bricks. I mauled my refrigerator for all the food I could find. Great for people who need help stimulating their appetite, such as Chemo and A.I.D.S patients. Definitely gave me severe cravings for all kinds of food, on top of the pleasant medicating, slightly narcotic/couch-lock it delivers.

Overall: 3.9/5

The aroma and effect really shine through on this specific strain. Very piquant, and potent indeed, but the burn/melt and taste weren’t as appealing as other strains I’ve tried from this company. This doesn’t mean this specific hash isn’t good in any way. Theres definitely been better strains to have been extracted that have all your looking for such as the visual appeal, smell, taste, burn/melt, and effect. Keep your eyes open for All microns of the Bruce Banner, OG Kush, Abusive OG, Flo OG, and a few other OG strains. They are all amazing and consistent in visual appeal, strong aromas, great lingering before and aftertaste, amazing melt, and superior potency.

(Photo c/o Trichome Heavy Extracts)