Marijuana Memoriam: 5 Strains to Smoke For Prince

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today 
to get through this thing called "life." And what’s better to help us get through this sad time than smoking some marijuana in memoriam of Prince's loss? Here are our strain suggestions.


Ultraviolet OG – As we mourn the death of Prince — the truest OG around — take solace in Ultraviolet OG to complement your mood with this 80 percent indica, which will leave you dazed, in a dreamlike state.


Granddaddy Purple – Prince loved purple, so it’s only appropriate to bust out the original and most popular of the purps, which will ease today’s pain with its high-THC, grape taste and mood elevation.


Purple Panty Dropper – Nothing makes panties drop faster than turning on Purple Rain and sparking up this uplifting Humboldt bud. Prince had major sex appeal and so does this true hybrid of Purple Haze x Oregon Grape X Matanuska Mint.


Dr. Funk – Nobody grooved, laid down the funk and strut his stuff better than Prince. The good doctor was in when he was shredding his purple guitar and popping off energy bullets. This indica may be known for knocking you off your feet, but with Prince you couldn’t stay off your feet. 



Raspberry Cough – Break out the berets and the buds and light up this strong sativa for our raspberry loving man! Gone too soon… let's blast the Prince tunes, dance and cough, cough…


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