Review: Chem Crush

Genetic lineage: (Chem Tang x Orange Crush)
High Times Cannabis Cup: 2nd Place Denver Medical Hybrid 2014
Tools usedSanta Cruz Shredder, Raw Rolling Tray, Raw Rolling Papers, Clipper Lighter   

Visuals/Bag Appeal: 4.75/5

Nice chunky buds that have a dark green/purple hue. Great bag appeal. The dark shades on the bud makes it very easy to spot the trichomes. The bud structure and density plus the bud color make for one good-looking strain. Looks like it would make amazing hash. A second place Medical Hybrid win at the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup is a good reason to try this strain out.

Aroma: 3.25/5

We noticed a purple or grape smell lingering. Not strong. Was hoping for more of a chemical scent, maybe even a hint of citrus, but not even that. Was dried and cured properly, but that chemical smell and taste is what we were hoping for.

Flavor: 2.25/5

Couldn’t find that chemical/citrus taste this strain should have. There was no bad taste, but it didn’t have a taste that appeals at all. All we really could taste was hot smoke and burning plant material. No sweet/citrus or bleach/Ajax taste at all.  We only smoked about half the joint before we couldn’t smoke anymore. Not because we were too high, it was because the taste wasn’t pleasant. Upon re-lighting, there was still was no good flavor to be found. Certain strains have amazing tastes that carry through all the way to the end. Sadly, this wasn’t one of those strains. Maybe this batch wasn’t cared for as much as the cup entry.

Effect: 2.5/5

Not a strong effect, but I could felt a slight head/body change. Made the stomach growl loud. Had a bad case of the munchies after smoking. If you need to stimulate your appetite, then this is a good strain to try. If your trying to get high and enjoy the taste of weed, there are plenty of other strains out there to try.

Ash/Burn/Flush: 2.5/5

Definitely could have been left AT LEAST ONE more week of flush. The joint sparked while I was smoking it. Usually that’s a sign of cannabis that is not flushed fully or properly, which causes sodium and mineral deposits to build up. This is a byproduct of the nutrients and fertilizers and should not be smoked. If you try to extract a strain that’s not flushed or not flushed properly, you’ll be concentrating all that residuals from the plant, into the extract. This build up can spark when exposed to high levels of heat. Ash was slightly dark. Had to keep re-lighting to keep the joint lit. It didn’t taste horrible, but didn’t taste great either.

Caeczar’s thoughts:

The batch they entered into the Cannabis Cup must have been grown, flushed, dried and cured MUCH better than this batch I got from the dispensary. The only positive thing I could find about this strain was the bag appeal. The scent was slightly above average. I asked the dispensary for the best strain they have, and they recommended this.

Overall: 3.05/5

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