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Strain Review: Banana from Alternative Medicine on Capitol Hill




Lineage: (BOGBubble x Northern Lights #5) Phenotype from BOG Seeds

Tools Used: Santa Cruz Shredder, Raw Rolling Tray, Raw Rolling Papers, Clipper Lighter

Visuals/Bag Appeal: 4/5

Great bud structure, solid, tight nugs, pretty sticky, good trim, one solid color bud. Really don’t see much of the “red hairs” people are used to seeing. The color of the pistils blend in with the color of the bud; that was pretty interesting because you don’t see that often. The bud was a semi-light green color all the way through. Under magnification, you will see a lot of cloudy, short, fat trichome heads, with a few amber ones thrown in there. All swollen and sticky, I would say it was harvested at the peak of ripeness.

Aroma: 4.25/5

Almost exactly like banana pudding! Has that very sweet, artificial banana smell that you get from banana candies, and that banana-flavored vodka called “99 Bananas.” Incredibly sweet/floral undertones when the jar is opened, when the bud is pinched and cracked open, it gives off a rich, creamy, fruity scent—pretty much like sweet banana custard.

Taste: 5/5

I’m not even exaggerating when I say that this strain REALLY taste like banana Runts! I have a big list of strains I’ve smoked in my lifetime, and this one just made my list somewhere up there! The taste is phenomenal! It kept its amazing flavor all the way through to the roach! Once I first lit it, I put it it out halfway through, waited five minutes, and re-lit it to see if it would still keep its amazing flavor; and sure enough it definitely did! Lighting the roach, IT STILL TASTED LIKE BANANAS! Some of the tastiest weed I’ve ever smoked. No question.

Ash/Burn/Flush: 4.5/5

Light grey ash, smooth burn, doesn’t hurt the back of your throat like cannabis that’s not flushed. Smoked like properly dried, cured, and flushed marijuana. Pretty hard to find all three in one in most places. I really cant find anything bad about the ash, burn, or flush.

Effect: 4/5

Very sedative, incredibly lethargic, slightly euphoric, and cravings for hot and crunchy food. Definitely will put a dent in your day if your not prepared. I planned to do things, and go places after smoking this joint, but those things weren’t possible because I had no energy to go do anything, or go anywhere after smoking. I just wanted to sit at home, watch The Colbert Report and eat a nice, hot, toasted sandwich.

Overall: 4.35/5

Good bud structure, great trim, remarkable trichome production, incredible aroma, unbelievable taste, amazing burn, and a sensational overall effect, all together makes for one unforgettable smoking experience I will never forget. Strains this unique and tasty don’t come around too often, so I’m very happy to have smoked, and enjoyed this strain very much. Get your hands on this strain quick!