Strain Review: Panama Punch from The Clinic


(Neville’s Haze x Panama Mean Green)


Santa Cruz Shredder, Raw Rolling Tray, Raw Rolling Papers, Clipper Lighter

Visuals/Bag Appeal5/5

Flooded with trichomes! Small buds, good cure, nice close trim, somewhat dense, pretty green and not a lot of red hairs. One of the best parts about going to The Clinic, all their shops now package their buds in a heat-sealed, argon air filled mylar bag with a clear window to see what’s inside. This keeps the buds fresh, ensuring you won’t get dry product, or a bag full of shake. Pretty good idea since humidity is such a big problem for most people here in Colorado. A lot of people from out-of-town will notice the difference in bud quality due to the lack of moisture in the air out here, causing the weed to feel brittle. If you shop here, you wont have to worry about dry weed!

Aroma: 4/5

Fruit Cocktail! It smells sweet as soon as the bag is opened, but when you grind it up or squeeze the bud, it really has a tropical, floral, fruit punch, jungle-juice funk going on! Has a little haziness to it, but its something you can barely tell is there. If you like sweet-smelling strains, this one will definitely catch your nose!


Dry toke was great, but this strain didn’t taste as good as it smelled. All we could taste was harsh, burning plant material. Maybe this strain didn’t get the love and attention it deserved. It might have been dried too fast, or not flushed enough, but the taste was not pleasant. Rolled up one gram and couldn’t get past the halfway point because the taste was so harsh and unpleasant. Attempting to relight this joint didn’t give it better points on taste either. 

Ash/Burn/Flush: 3/5

It burned even, didn’t spark, didn’t keep going out, but the ash was slightly dark. Could have went longer on the flush possibly. Harsh in the back of the throat slightly.

Effect: 3.25/5

Great daytime high. Alert, focused, motivated, creative and relaxed. Good strain to consume if your going to be outdoors or doing anything that requires you to be active. No hard crash after peaking from the high. Good for the gym. Smoked this joint first thing in the morning and it gave that bit of energy needed to start the day. It also caused horrible cottonmouth.

Caeczar’s thoughts3.55/5

Unique packaging, nice, small tight, sweet, stinky buds with a good trim, and a well-rounded daytime high. Taste just didn’t do it at all for me. It was pretty harsh and not enjoyable after a certain point, but the packaging, aroma and effect made up for the lack of flavor big time. Definitely not the best stuff this shop pumps out.

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