Strain Review: The Mangler from High Level Health

Genetic Lineage: (Sour OG x Headband)
Tools: Santa Cruz Shredder, Raw Rolling Tray, Raw Rolling Papers, Clipper Lighter

Visuals/Bag Appeal: 4/5

Hugh buds! Looking at several strains that High Level Health had available on the shelves, this one stood out to me the most. Rock-hard, deep-green buds with amazing red hairs all over, proper trim and nice trichome maturity made me want to do a little more research on this strain.

Aroma: 5/5

This strain has a lot going on. If you enjoy Sour Diesel, Kush or OG strains, the scent of this strain will be heaven! It’s skunky, with a sharp cheese scent that follows right after. It sounds weird, but compliments the strain very well. Like peanut butter and jelly, or milk and cookies fit together, the skunk/cheese combo this strain has makes the mouth water. Close your eyes and imagine Pepé Le Pew, covered in parmesan, provolone, romano and cheddar cheese, then dump some diesel fuel all over him.

Taste: 4.5/5

Much more of a fuel/skunk, taste than I thought. That cheesiness isn’t as dominant when smoking, but it’s still there. It gets overpowered by the skunky, fuel, Kush taste. And the taste resinates all the way to the roach. The aroma carried over into the taste pretty well. We were very impressed. As flooded as the market is with OG and Kush, a lot of them aren’t up to par with this strain.

Ash/Burn/Flush: 3.5/5

Pretty good ash color,  but not near white. doesn’t burn weird or spark, no harsh rough, scratchy feeling after smoking this strain. All smooth smoke and even burn. Overall, it seems like it was flushed well and smokes well.

Effect: 4/5

It didn’t wreck me, but I definitely did feel the head/body change after smoking the whole joint to myself. I became very lazy, and hungry.  I was dragging my feet around, feeling like I just woke up. I did what i had to do, but i really didn’t want to do anything. As hungry as I was, I only had a bowl of cereal for dinner that night.  I usually enjoy cooking, but tonight wasn’t that night. After eating, I just watched TV for about an hour, and knocked out. The high was pretty strong, and lasted about 90 minutes at least, easily.

Caeczar’s thoughts: 

Don’t smoke this strain if you have anything to do, such as go to work. This is a very heavy, couchlock strain that shouldn’t be taken lightly, regardless if your a frequent smoker. Looks amazing, smells great, taste great, smokes great, the high is a creeper. Be prepared for it. If not, you’ll probably be tripping or falling over something. Be aware of your surroundings, and try not to daydream too much!

Overall: 4.2/5

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