Strain Talk: 5 Reasons Why People Enjoy Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies have been a perennial favorite strain for some time now. The heady hybrid known for packing both a creative punch and physical relief for several symptoms is nearing classic status. But are GSC worth the the hype? Read on.

1. The Bag Appeal

 – If you have ever seen a real sample of the strain Girl Scout Cookies, you know there is almost no other strain that looks like it. A lot may come close, but nothing truly recreate it when it’s growing or harvested. GSC is much darker than most cannabis people know and see. When most people think of cannabis, they think green. The color of GSC is a much deeper green with hues of purple, all under the mountains of resin giving it a final, frosty touch.


2. The Effect

 – GSC and its crosses all test pretty high in the lab. They usually average around 22 percent THC on the low side, and some crosses can test up to 30 percent THC on the higher side. Blissful Wizard from The Captain’s Connection, a cross of Cherry Pie x Animal Cookies x 09 GSC, usually tests at around 30 percent THC. People accept GSC for its low yield and cultivate this Indica-dominant hybrid for the high-quality, potent cannabis it produces.


3. The Flavor
 – Reminiscent of actual Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, no other cultivar stands up to this strain’s unique flavor. Amidst all the OGs, Kushes, Chems, Sours, Hazes, Cheeses, Bubbas and Purps on the market today, Cookies rightly deserves a category of its own due to its terpene profile. This unique flavor makes people keep smoking it; once consumers experience how different it is, they just want more.


4: The Aroma – No other strains give off the aroma GSC does. I never met the founder of the strain, but when I smelled the Girl Scout Cookie (Thin Mint Phenotype) buds for the first time, they said it came from @Jigga415’s stash. It gave off the aroma of a freshly-opened box of Girl Scout Cookies Chocolate Fudge Mints. I couldn’t believe it. Ever since seeing the real deal GSC that day, I’ve been a huge fan. Just about every other Girl Scout Cookie pheno I came across, whether someone has the Forum Cut, OGKB, Platinum GSC, Animal Cookies, or someone else’s Thin Mint Phenotype—none compare to Jigga’s Thin Mint from back in the day.


5: The Name

 – Ever since 2009 when this strain hit the scene, seemingly every other breeder and seed bank started slapping dessert names on their strains to capitalize on the hype of the “Cookies.” Almost seven years later, it doesn’t look like GSC is slowing down any time soon. Plenty of people still want to get real GSC clones and make new crosses.  It’s such a catchy name, with great aroma, flavor, bag appeal, and an amazing effect, it’s no wonder why this strain took the world by storm.


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