Top Ten Scary Strain Names

When it comes to marijuana strain names, anything goes. Breeders run the appellative gamut from the sacred (God’s Pussy) to the profane (um… God’s Pussy) and everything in between. To set the mood for All Hallows’ Eve, we’re examining ten frightening strain names. Share your favorite scary pot varieties in the comments below.

Jack the Ripper – TGA Genetics

About 120 years before Subcool created this resinous marvel, the world’s most famous serial killer entered the collective nightmares of 19th century Londoners. Jack the Ripper spent the fall of 1888 butchering prostitutes in the Whitechapel district of London. The press elevated the lunatic to folklore status due to the rather unusual crime scenes left in his wake: In addition to cutting throats, Jack also took the time to remove organs and mutilate the faces of some of his victims. The killer was never identified. The strain, however, was identified as one of HIGH TIMES’ Top 10 of 2006.

MK-Ultra – T.H.Seeds

Of all the audaciously scandalous shit the CIA has had a hand in, MK-Ultra has to be considered close to the top of the list. This top-secret mind-control program had government spooks dosing unsuspecting citizens (and co-workers) with LSD and made use of sexual abuse and torture. And it officially spanned three decades. We’ll never know the true terrifying scope of MK-Ultra because the CIA destroyed most of the operation’s files in 1973. Unfortunately, the reality is likely far more disturbing than the many works of fiction spawned by this legendary program.

Note that T.H.Seeds’ MK-Ultra is a G-13 x OG Kush cross. G-13 itself is the subject of top-secret, CIA-related urban legend (Uncle Sam created a super-potent strain that was secreted out of a government grow facility at the University of Mississippi. The “G” stands for government and the “13” represents the 13th letter of the alphabet, M, which stands for marijuana. Making G-13 “Government Marijuana.” Or so the story goes…).

But wait, there’s more. When T.H.Seeds was established in 1993, the company was originally called CIA/KGB (Cannabis in Amsterdam/Know Good Buds). How deep does this rabbit hole go?!

Great White Shark – Green House Seeds

This strain calls to mind images of a swimmer floating unsuspectingly in the ocean as earth’s most efficient predator surreptitiously stalks beneath the surface, biding its time, preparing to strike. Anyone who’s ever seen the movie Jaws knows just how terrifying a Great White Shark can be. You have to respect its power. The strain, from world-famous Green House Seeds, can also be dangerous. You have to respect the power of this super-potent indica. According to the breeder, “the edges of the leaflets present a very sharp profile, one that reminds me of the teeth of a shark.” We’re gonna need a bigger bong…

Chernobyl – TGA Genetics

This strain, described by HT senior cultivation editor Danny Danko as “devastatingly powerful” with “a taste all its own,” is named after the worst nuclear power plant disaster in history, which took place in the Soviet Union in 1986. Chernobyl was a full-blown radioactive catastrophe, killing, displacing and deforming tens of thousands. To this day, the surrounding area, eerily known as the Red Forest (because everything in it turned red and died), is still one of the most contaminated places on earth. If that’s not enough to spook you, consider this – the strain derives from a chilling cross: Jack the Ripper x Trainwreck.

Whitewalker OG – Gold Coast Collection

Game of Thrones fans recognize this Cannabis Cup-winning homage to the otherworldly ice monsters from beyond the wall. GoT ’s winter-loving ghouls can freeze anything they touch. Perhaps one of the bastards got its claws on Gold Coast Collection’s ridiculously frosty strain, which appears to be completely covered in ice.

Durban Poison – Sensi Seeds

It seems odd that a strain celebrated for exceptional medicinal value would be called poison. But that’s the case with this classic variety, which takes the other part of its name from the South African city of its origin. Perhaps the first person to experience the intense, heart-racing effects of this killer sativa thought he was poisoned. In Durban. Who knows? Bottom line: we suggest you Durban Poison yourself and all your friends immediately.

Ghost Train Haze – Rare Dankness

So, is it a train that’s returned from beyond the grave or a train that ghosts take? Either way, a couple hits of 2012’s Strongest Strain on Earth, which clocked in at an otherworldly 25.49% THC, and you’ll think you’ve been hit by a ghost train.

Wreckage – T.H.Seeds

This spot could have been occupied by Trainwreck or Planewreck but let’s just go with wreckage in general. Whenever possible, you should avoid wreckage at all costs. However, the strain from T.H.Seeds (which combines S.A.G.E. with Arcata Trainwreck) should be sought out by sativa aficionados the world over.

AK-47 – Serious Seeds

If you add up all the deaths caused by Chernobyl, Jack the Ripper, MK-Ultra and Great White Sharks it wouldn’t equal even a small fraction of the death and devastation brought about by AK-47s (which are responsible for killing an estimated 250,000 people annually). Now that is scary. There are reportedly more than 100 million AK-47s world-wide. The sativa-dominant former High Times Strain of the Year from Serious Seeds is nearly as prolific. Gardeners praise its potent, heavy yields and (relatively) short flowering time.

Martian Mean Green – DNA Genetics

Ever since “The War of the Worlds” scared the crap out of every idiot with a radio in America on Halloween in 1938, alien invasion became a ghost story staple. However, if invading extraterrestrials arrive bearing DNA’s Cannabis Cup-winning strain, we’d welcome our new alien overlords with open arms.

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