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10 Weed-Inspired New Year’s Resolutions For Cannabis Lovers

Have you made any weed-inspired new year’s resolutions this time around? Here are some suggestions to get you started.

10 Weed-Inspired New Year's Resolutions For Cannabis Lovers

1. Be more politically involved

10 Weed-Inspired New Year's Resolutions For Cannabis Lovers

Now more than ever, political activism is imperative in almost every aspect of life.

When it comes to cannabis legalization and regulation, there are tons of ways to get involved.

One of the many weed-inspired new year’s resolutions could be to join a team pushing for more reasonable laws regarding the plant or educating more people about it.

Final Hit: Weed-Inspired New Year’s Resolutions For Cannabis Lovers

Maybe last year wasn’t so great for you and you want to implement some positive changes in your life. Or maybe you had an excellent year and want to keep up the good work. Either way, if you’re a lover of the loud, weed-inspired new year’s resolutions can improve your life and help you stay optimistic in these wild times.

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Chloé Harper Gold is a writer and editor for High Times Magazine. When she’s not writing about cannabis or going to class, she likes to attend literary events and analyze the horror and science fiction genres.

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