Deals, Deals, and More Deals

Another 420 is behind us and you know what that means!

420 doesn’t feel like what it used to be, now it feels like long lines and brand activations. I feel like an old man because back in my day I had to ask my cousin to get me weed and he never gave me a deal.

Last year I was on a show in San Diego, humble brag, and I didn’t plan my 420 correctly. I ended up going to four different dispensaries and seeing each one have a line out the door and around the block.

420 isn’t the fun hang it used to be; now it’s free imaginary money in your weed delivery apps, and every corporate Chad making their big marketing move to be a part of the culture.

New brands seem like they have two days to really capitalize a year: 420 and 710. All it does is make me feel like I’m celebrating weed Valentine’s Day and the excise tax wants me to take it to a steak dinner.

I ended up having to hit up the homie that I used to hit up for a sack back in the day. Thank God he was still open. I still the think the best weed is from the local plug. They got families and their kids needs braces too.

Let us not forget what 420 was about, Hitler’s birthday. I’m completely kidding. It all started as a local meetup between friends after class. The thing every stoner has done, it’s about friends, community and smoking the best weed you guys can find. It’s about the plant and our love and appreciate for that. 

Let’s make sure to keep 420 like it always has been and let’s try not to let it become so much of a Hallmark card. I just want brands to respect us a little more as consumers. 

Brands shouldn’t wait till 420 to take care of its customers, be different and stand outside the holiday box. If you weren’t already in customers head stash 420 isn’t the day they are gonna take a chance.

No I don’t need a his/hers joint set. I just need you to grow good consistent weed, and try not be a former cop. 

I say all this as I buy the new 420 weed skin on Warzone 2.

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