Two Tier, Three Tier: What Happened to the Quality?!

For WEIRDOS this week, Lance wonders aloud about what the heck is happening to the grow gear industry…
Cannabis female plant under LED lighting.

The Way It Used to Be

Do you remember the days of flipping to the back of a High Times magazine and seeing all the grow ads? Think way back, I know… It was a long time ago. Maybe you remember walking into just about any grow store in the ’90s or 2000’s, from Florida to Colorado to California, and seeing products upon products, old and new, all geared and focused towards a common solution: “A higher quality of product”. 

The days of walking aisle to aisle, searching and hunting through different plant products with advertised combinations of nutrients and foliars, all showing the science on how this would stimulate your plants to make the flowers taste better, contain more resin, smell more fragrant… even have better overall color.

There used to be an overwhelming amount of products focused on new and old formulations to stimulate resin production, terpene inducing foliars, flavor, and looks. Organic additives, specialty sugars, and quality enhancers were all geared towards the goal of better overall quality flowers. You would see aisles of products advertising “more resin and more terpenes” “stickier flowers,” “more flavor,” “better color,” all with one common goal for the grower, an overall increase in flower quality was the main topic of conversation. 

Flash Forward

Today it seems those days are gone. For those of us who can remember the constant strive for better and better quality, those days aren’t forgotten… yet. But there’s a vast change happening slowly. Something in our culture has shifted. Do you smell that? I don’t either because flower quality has taken a massive hit over the past six to eight years. Nowadays every lighting and nutrient company hitting the market is basing their advertising and “science breakthroughs” on two things: cost of production and overall yield. 

Let me make it super simple: You can grow way more flowers for way less! Well what about the quality?! 

New lighting spectrums and LED inventions are hitting the market monthly, and you see one focus from all these companies…yield increase. Two tier, three tier, more tier, cry tears, because what’s coming is all this abundance of lower tier product for less. Just what’s advertised, way more for way less. 

What Really Matters

But what about the quality?! New breakthroughs geared towards dry backs are specifically focused on one thing: yields. What about the quality?! Beneficial foliars these days are an afterthought for most growers unless it’s a fungicide or pesticide. What about the quality?! 

Don’t forget the days of hunting down the best solutions to the biggest prize: quality. The goal was always a higher quality product and letting the rest fall in line. You remember the days of letting your bag speak for itself. Letting the goal of having the dankest flowers in your city or town rule your dreams. 

Don’t forget… It was always about the quality.

  1. The real and true problem is that in the 70’s people grew mostly sativa strains and then as the 80’s approached wanted a faster turn over time so they could turn a better profit on illegal grows.
    If you’re going to take all that risk, then the profit has to make it worth it, so people worked towards upping the genetics and making sativa’s bud faster so that they could harvest more crops per year and also the added benefit of a shorter stature plant, being able to fit and grow well indoors.
    Knowing all of this, we are now at a situation where we can’t identify hybrids from indica’s and the genetically potent thc strains have been bred into sub par sativa strains to make them better….

    Then we have the folks who have bred in Ruderalis…..
    This is the REAL problem.
    Eventually cannabis will be like horses, in that there will be a plateau in their genetic ability to obtain high potency, or in the case of horse, higher speeds.
    The ability to discern the difference between indica’s sativas and hybrids will become more and more of an issue, the more and more hard to find strains are bred into sub-par strains, in an effort to obtain seeds.

    Thanks for reading.

  2. This article is mediocrely short and doesn’t say much else outside of the title. We’ve heard all of this on the podcast already and with all the “?!”, this reads like a transcript from the podcast.

  3. The other thing……

    People need to stop with the whole idea that “special formulas” are going to make a plant that can only genetically produce a 1/4 lb and convince people that some new “grow formula” is going to give them pounds.

    Genetics, is literally, the single most important factor in any grow. If it doesn’t do what you want in the grow then it’s genetically inferior to your needs. Using some special magic formula will never change that.

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