The High Times Mother’s Day Gift Guide For Your Favorite Lifted Ladies

From the weed butter Crockpot to a sweet, smokable rose, here’s some high scores for Momma.
The High Times Mother’s Day Gift Guide For Your Favorite Lifted Ladies

Two things: she raised you and quite frankly, you may be one of the reasons she uses cannabis in the first place. Moms hold us down in ways we can only begin to fathom, and as such they deserve to be honored not one, but 365 days of the year. To get you started, we picked out some of our favorite gifts, in case the lady in your life enjoys a gentle high as much as you do.

Courtesy of Lagunitas


Got a beer-loving momma, perhaps one who is cutting back on the suds in favor of marijuana? There’s a rather refreshing drink on the market that she might welcome in a beautifully-wrapped cooler this Mother’s Day. Santa Rosa’s CannaCraft linked with Petaluma-based Lagunitas Brewery last year to create Hi-Fi Hops, an alcohol and carb-free mineral water infused with just enough cannabinoids to provide a cute kick, coming to live from the sun-grown buds of CannaCraft’s AbsoluteXtracts line.

Check the 5mg THC, 5mg CBD Hi-Fi Hops blend for a mellow experience, or if Mom’s into a headier sip, there’s a 10mg THC version. The product comes in a brown bottle that serves as a visual trick, feigning beer-ness when the liquid inside actually has a lot more to do with a tasty Topo Chico.

A note: this is not the corporate-free bev one might expect from the local labeling. Heineken acquired Lagunitas back in 2017, the same year the microbrewery put out SuperCritical Ale, an actual boozy beer whose hoppy taste mingled with cannabis terpenes. In the face of dropping beer sales, many of the world’s biggest alcohol companies are in the process of churning out some of their own cannabis beverages. Basically, the mom described above is not the only one thinking it’s time to go green.

Price: $10 per 12 oz. bottle, available in California

Courtesy of Goldleaf


We’ve suggested Goldleaf’s elegant prints as gifts before — last year, we hyped the brand’s collaborations with Colorado dispensary Lightshade for dad. Truth be told, the line has a plethora of gifts for the design-wild cannabis lover, from flashcards that teach peer-reviewed scientific marijuana facts to the knowledge-hungry, to the recently released Cooking Journal, which unites helpful dosing calculations, creative terpene flavor pairings curated by Jamie Evans a.k.a. The Herb Somm, and recipe templates for the seasoned cannabis cook.

But our must-have for Mom this year may well be this print from the ikebana line Goldleaf dreamed up with Broccoli Magazine, the women-run, design-oriented cannabis print magazine often seen as a front-runner in promoting diversity in the weed media world. Not only does the image perfectly express the brands’ commitment to making cannabis lovely, it’s also a totem for changing marijuana culture. With this arching arrangement on her wall, Mom will be opening up her visitors’ minds to the possibilities of the plant in 2019. In other words, a decor option that proves that marijuana has moved far beyond the (albeit wonderful!) Cheech and Chong tie-dye vibes of their college days. A high more chic, you could say.

Price: $23.99 (maple or walnut poster rails $35.99), available online

Courtesy of Etain


Or maybe Mom has rather simple needs when it comes to her marijuana. She’s not that into bubbly drinks or fun wall hangings — she uses cannabis to feel better, in the most efficient way possible. If that’s the case (and you’re located in New York state), check out the offerings from women-run, family-operated company Etain Health. Their products come in four different THC-CBD ratios, and in forms like lozenges, tinctures, vaporizers, and oral spray. The company also produces a water-soluble powder, unique to New York, that can be dissolved in beverages for fast-acting relief.

COO Hillary Peckham was the youngest person to be given a medical marijuana license in New York — a victory that meant a lot to her, given the help that cannabis provided when a failed hip surgery kept her from walking comfortably for two years.

Price: High CBD “Dolce” vaporizer $135, available in New York State

Courtesy of MagicalButter


Gone are the days in which Mom is forced to labor over a hot stove, stirring her cannabis butter for hours just to make a decent batch of brownie. You know she has a lot on her plate these days — but her lipid game need not suffer as long as she has you to drop one of the most sensible $175 that you’ve ever spent. For you, her wise offspring, have caught wind of the MagicalButter MB2e, which bills itself as “the first countertop botanical extractor designed for creating recipes infusing the essence of healthy herbs.”

The machine is automated, with a built in thermostat, can be operated with the push of two buttons, and is about the size of a thicc coffee thermos. With this baby, Mom can make weed butter with the same amount of ease as a crockpot meal.

Another plus: no need for Mom to limit the usage of this handy gadget to ganja. Any herb, from rosemary to lavender can be processed with the MB2e, and the output is far from restricted to butters — it can be used to convert your favorite plant into oil, infused grain alcohol, tinctures, or a body lotion.

Price: $174.95, available online

Courtesy of Caitlin Rose Sweet

Caitlin Rose Sweet

Sure, you could get her a nice bouquet this year, but we recommend that among the peonies and birds of paradise you stick in one of this Brooklyn-based artisan’s lovely, smokable buds.

Caitlin Rose Sweet is a queer ceramicist whose work honors the body and looks to ornament the small moments of ritual in our lives. She has a lovely line of smoking accoutrement from lemons to vaginas to fast food to globular breasts (their nipples serve as the mouthpiece) and witchy hands that work as incense burners — or in a pinch, ashtrays — we also love her sweet little rosebud chillums.

Mom will love that her gift purchase put money in the pocket of an artist who has been working in weed since well before the era of Coachella cannabis flower hair wreaths. You will likely get lost for a hot minute on Sweet’s website while selecting the perfect prize for la madre; her conceptual art includes warped and woven cozy caves that encourage mental flight.

Price: $60, available online

Courtesy of Bhang


Of course, there’s nothing wrong with getting Mom a nice sweet with a cannabis kick. We’re nearly sure that she won’t mind something from Bhang Chocolates, which was founded in 2010 — a timeline that makes the company one of the old-timers of the edibles industry at this point.

The brand’s aim is to become one of the best-known marijuana chocolate brands in the world. With such lofty ambitions, it goes to figure they know what’s up when it comes to taste. The minty 42.5g ice chocolate bar comes divided into 10 milk chocolate squares, each with 10mg of THC — that’s a lot of power for Momma on her day of days.

Bonus: word on the street is the line of chocolates will soon be available in Canada, so there will be a wide geographic coverage for this particular line of dolce vida.

Price: Ice chocolate bar 100mg $18, available in select dispensaries

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