Women & Weed: Ah Warner of Cannabis Basics

Ah Warner, founder and CEO of Cannabis Basics, made history this year. For the first time ever, the United States Patent Trade Office (USPTO) issued trademark protection to an actual cannabis product brand: Cannabis Basics, which has a cannabis leaf in its logo, and the word cannabis right in its name. Now you can look for the ® next to the company’s distinctive logo—a drop of hempseed oil containing four hands joined at the center of a cannabis leaf.

The trademark was granted to Cannabis Basics not for its THC products, but for its line of hempseed oil goods. In any case, Cannabis Basics’ new ® symbol is a major step towards mainstream acceptance of cannabis as an everyday consumer good. It heralds a future in which cannabis companies will be able to protect their intellectual property, just like any other business, and is a rock-solid indication of the positive change in attitudes towards cannabis across the country.

The landmark USPTO protection came on the heels of another very big victory for Warner—she also co-authored Washington State’s Cannabis Health and Beauty Aids (CHABA) legislation, which was signed into law on June 30th by Washington State Governor Jay Inslee, and went into effect July 1st. Products covered by CHABA legislation are defined as “topically applied, contain less than .3% THC, non-intoxicating, and not meant for human or animal consumption.”

The CHABA legislation means that products like the Cannabis Basics line aren’t considered marijuana—even though they contain therapeutic amounts of THC. It effectively removes CHABAs from the Washington Controlled Substances Act—meaning that, sometime in the not-too-distant future, health-conscious shoppers will be able to find Cannabis Basics products in mainstream stores like Whole Foods.

Activist, topicals maven, mother and all-around badass Warner has been a premium hemp and topicals producer since 1995. She’s won multiple awards for body care products, as well as for her advocacy work on behalf of the healing herb. She was recently the recipient of a special award from the MJBA Women’s Alliance for her dedication to the women in Washington’s cannabis industry. Warner’s warmth, positivity and passion radiate from her in person, and certainly shine through in her Cannabis Basics line of body care products, available at cannabisbasics.com and throughout Washington State.

Hats off to a powerful voice for positive change in the cannabis industry! We salute you, Ah.

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