Jon Cappetta

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Jon Cappetta is a strategist, producer, and creative writer. He has both planned the things you hear about on TV, and been the one to write about them. He has helped produce pulitzer prize winning work for the largest names in media, won awards himself for his topical takes on cannabis subcultures, and judged just about every cannabis competition that’s worth its weight in America. He is both creator, and consumer - or connoisseur, as he prefers - but he has a terrible green thumb so don’t go thinking he can keep a plant alive. While he has had a storied career spanning from production for major artists and festivals to developing nationally-deployed marketing initiatives for major brands, he smokes a lot of weed and has forgotten most of the cool stuff he’s done. Currently the VP of Content for High Times, he publishes a monthly collection of his favorite new products, dubbed the Stone-Cold Cop List, as well as feature profiles on his favorite brands.