18 Careers In Cannabis That You Can Have Now

If you’re looking for a sign to get on a new career path, this is it.
18 Careers In Cannabis That You Can Have Now
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Cannabis is having an explosive moment in nearly every aspect of the industry (except for possession-related incarcerations). The good news is that there is room for just about everyone in this potentially lucrative and truly exciting field. If you can imagine a job in cannabis, it most likely exists and is hiring, and if it doesn’t, you can probably create it. So if you’ve been thinking of switching careers, it may be high time. Be it sales, marketing, green thumbs—there is even room for part-time and retired people and folks of all backgrounds and levels of education. The sky is the limit for growth potential, literally and metaphorically, in the cannabis sector. Read on to see some available positions and companies hiring now.

Sales, Operations, Management

Nearly every cannabis company on the planet is hiring in sales. Though it may sound daunting to those who aren’t inclined towards this area of work, selling things can be exceptionally easy, especially when you have a great product and know where to find people who want it. Working in sales entails bringing those two things together, as well as being able to hear “no” a lot, and not take it personally.

EZ-CLONE, a company that specializes in hydroponics and indoor growing is currently hiring 20 positions this month. They are seeking regional sales representatives across the US and Canada, as well as operations-based professionals in the Sacramento area and management to oversee those roles. 

Joseph Barnes, executive Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for GrowLife, Inc., parent company of EZ-CLONE, is eager to find passionate candidates who have experience and success helping businesses  scale through sales or operations. “We need independent thinkers with the ambition to capitalize on the opportunity to be a part of this exploding industry,” he explained to me. 

A big question that might arise when a potential employee considers a company for employment is, “Are they going to test me for cannabis?” Those who have used cannabis recently might feel discouraged to apply. “We have a policy of no use during work, but do not monitor their cannabis use outside of work hours,” says Joseph. 

All of the sales team positions available with GrowLife, Inc. are remote, and perks include a benefits package that covers up to 100% of insurance as well as gym reimbursement. Plus, you don’t have to quit smoking weed.

Cultivation Associate, Trimmer, Bucker, Brand Ambassador, Sales, Office Assistant

Sparx Cannabis, a grow and distribution company is hiring for a slew of positions, including in the areas of horticulture, marketing, sales, and administration. 

Dr. Jared Helfant, co-founder and president of the company explained how the timing could not be better for potential employees looking to get into cannabis. “There is a growing market both statewide and federally, and new companies are popping up every day. It is the perfect time to get in on the ground floor.” 

Qualities that Sparx Cannabis looks for in it’s staff include people who are organized, motivated, hard-working and possessive of good critical thinking skills. The company also hopes to find people who have a strong interest in the field of cannabis. “How can you love what you do if you have no interest in it?”, Dr. Helfant posits.

Remote positions are available in sales and for brand ambassadors. Other perks which Dr. Helfant outlined include room for growth and family-oriented culture, with health insurance for full-time employees in the works. The company also values community service, and has built that into their employee offerings. “We encourage employees to pick their favorite charities that they want to get involved in and we, in turn, provide the support they need and funding.”

Marketing, Engineering (Full Stack Developers), Recruiting, Product Development

In addition to all the many new positions hiring, the industry is even making way for new careers hiring people to work in cannabis. Vangst, which calls itself “the #1 cannabis recruiting platform” on it’s website claims to have staffed over 10,000 employees in various cannabis positions. The website’s staffing options include roles such as Administration, Brand ambassadors, Budtenders, and more. 

Kendall Kelleher, an internal recruiter with the Denver-based headquarters of the company is looking for people who have “hustle, tenacity and drive to succeed”, among other qualities. “The ability to thrive in ambiguous environments, grit, collaboration, and a team player mentality are strengths I look for,” said Kendall. 

Like many cannabis companies, drug testing is not a requirement for employment, though they do not allow the use of cannabis at the workplace or during work hours. However, they do offer a fun twist: “Employees are allowed to use cannabis at networking events” Kendall explained, in addition to it being alright for employees to use cannabis during their off-hours.

The company hopes to find employees who have some kind of personal connection with the plant even if they’re not users themselves. “You don’t need to be an active consumer to be employed with Vangst,” she told me.

They are flexible in terms of education and put weight into years of equal experience, as well as seeing the value in someone who is a good cultural fit. “I don’t typically ever look at someone’s education experience when screening resumes,” Kendall said.

She too echoes the growth potential in the cannabis sector. “The industry is experiencing unprecedented growth not just within the United States but internationally, as well,” she described. “What this translates to is the ability to come in and make a true impact on a company and many opportunities for internal growth and promotions.” 

Most of their positions are placed via their Denver headquarters office, located inside a WeWork co-working space, though they have satellite offices in Santa Monica and Oakland, California as well as a small amount of remote employees in Boston and New York. However, remote positions are not as common in their hiring structure. Some of the competitive benefits packages available for careers with Vangst include health, dental and vision benefits, gym membership and spa access, 401K, amenities within the WeWork location, such as free snacks and coffee, parental leave, a casual dress environment, choice of computer operating systems, company outings, and more.

Marketing Project Manager, Technician

SoRSE, a company that offers businesses access to the tools to infuse their products with hemp extracts and terpenes, among other services, recently hired six employees and is set to bring on a marketing project manager and a technician with a focus on quality and regulatory duties, both ideally with a food and beverage background. 

They often do their hiring through Indeed.com, a job search website that comes up early in a Google search, their publicist Mel Trecha explained. “Our hiring manager goes through and picks the best ones for interviews with the team to be most efficient.” 

Digital Marketing Manager/ Director, Director of E-Commerce, Social and Community Manager

Gabe Kennedy, the co-founder of the full-spectrum hemp extract company Plant People explained that when he hires employees for his business, he is looking for an assortment of strengths. “I’m seeking honest, curious, entrepreneurial, resourceful, impact-oriented people,” he explained. “We look for authentic people looking to join our fast growing, dynamic and diverse team.” 

Plant People doesn’t do any formal testing, and cannabis use is allowed, as long as it doesn’t negatively impact or endanger the team or their work. “We encourage our employees to live their best lives, and we of course encourage them all to use Plant People products,” he said. “And they do.” 

Regarding education, Gabe believes “Great minds and heart come in many forms.” He adds, “we also acknowledge that there are many different paths to learning and growing as an individual and professional. Formal education is one,” he explains, “but there are many others.” 

Plant People pushes boundaries by extending an opportunity to those who have traditionally had a challenge getting hired due serving jail time. “We believe this must change,” he said. “We look forward to playing a part of that shift. It’s a focus for us for the next six to twelve months.” 

“We believe in hiring for strengths and being able to focus on what we are good at,” Gabe told me. “We understand and encourage risks and mistakes as long as we are better after. We celebrate our individuality and diversity.”

If you’re ready for a change in careers or feel that your previous skills could be well-focused working in the cannabis industry, there’s no time like the present to consider turning over a new leaf. 

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