Michigan Attorney Transforms Warehouse into “Fort Knox for Pot” Growing

Criminal Lawyer, Matthew Herman, has turned an old warehouse in Grand Rapids, Michigan into what he half-jokingly calls the “Fort Knox for pot” growing where licensed caregivers can grow what they need for their patients.

This unique grow space, in an undisclosed location in the city, is locked down and equipped with alarms and video monitors, allowing growers to cultivate safely away from their homes or private property where they are often vulnerable to robberies or busts.

All tenants of “Cannabis Solutions” sign a lease that lays out the rules, including that no one other than the legally-designated caregiver can be in the rooms where plants are growing. The $4,000 monthly rent covers only the room and energy use. Each room in the 12,000-square-foot building has a sink and electric outlets for grow lights.

As a defense attorney, Herman has represented many people who have had problems with the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act, which he believes is poorly written, confusing and burdened by an enforcement system that changes from one jurisdiction to the next.

So, Matthew Herman is filling a need and is prepared to show the authorities his operation.

“If we have police who sit out there because they’re worried about it, that just makes us that much safer,” Herman explained to MLive.com. Herman said he has a waiting list of 30 people looking to get into the facility and plans to open another soon.

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