Pot Jobs: 5 Ways to Get Your Foot in the Door of the Weed Industry

Investment in the Cannabis Industry Grows
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Looking for a career move to greener pastures? Here are five steps to getting your foot in the door of the marijuana industry.

1. Create a Cannabis-Specific Résumé

Regardless of whether you have cannabis-specific experience, create a résumé that details your relevant skills. If you have management training and you’re applying to run a dispensary, or have worked at a nursery and possess a great green thumb, then outlining such employment skills is a must. The same is true if your experience was pre-legalization or in a state that currently has a medical marijuana program. No job is too small to list: If you trimmed dozens of pounds of weed during harvest, you have valuable training and hands-on experience that will be attractive to dispensary managers looking to fill such a role. Keep your résumé up to date and use LinkedIn as a tool to help employers to find you.

2. Move It

If you’re living in a non-legal state, you’ll have to be prepared to move to a place where there’s job availability. Job sites like WeedHire, Ms. Mary Staffing and 420careers.com list all of the most current jobs available by state.

3. Temp to Full-Time Positions

As in any new company or industry, full-time positions are sometimes hard to come by. Companies in start-up mode may not have the financial means to hire you full-time right off the bat, but as time progresses and you become a valuable resource, they may decide to offer you a full-time position. Other companies have trial periods, after which your job performance will be evaluated for a full-time gig. It is generally worth the investment of time to take a part-time position because, even if you’re unable to land full-time employment with that company, you’ll come away with relevant experience to add to your résumé.

4. Get Educated and Invest in Yourself

If you’re lacking relevant job experience, be proactive by taking a training or certificate program at a cannabis-specific school like Oaksterdam University in California or Clover Leaf University in Colorado. Highlighting these programs on your résumé will help you stand out from an overflowing pool of job seekers.

5. Get Active

Meet as many people as you can so they know you’re actively looking for a cannabusiness career. Join a local meet-up group, engage with other activists and attend events, and always work to expand your networking circle. Doing field research by attending job fairs and meeting company reps will help you burnish your interview skills and clue you in to open positions (some of which may be unlisted), as well as help put a face to your name when you submit your application.

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