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Pot Prices: August 2017 THMQ

Market Analysis: All indices, with the exception of the Eastern Index, finished August below their previous month’s average. The Eastern Index tied its year-high price at $360 per ounce and finished above the Southern Index for just the third time in 2017. The US Price Index experienced the biggest drop this month, falling $9 from its July average.

Current US Price Index: $338 (last month: $347, Year-to-Date: $332)
Current Eastern Price Index: $360 (last month: $358, YTD: $353)
Current Southern Price Index: $358 (last month: $366, YTD: $362)
Current Western Price Index: $257 (last month: $265, YTD: $265)

The top five submitted strains, with average price, were: Kush ($360), Girl Scout Cookies ($362), Diesel ($355), Blue Dream ($345) and Haze ($341).


(Blueberry Kush) “Strong, earthy smell. Good smoke but makes me lazy.” —Nashville, TN

(Three Kings) “The best of Headband, Sour D and Kush. This smoke never disappoints.” —New York, NY

(Bruce Banner) “This stuff is so strong—almost overpowering.” —Madison, WI

(Kosher Kush) “Hard to get your hands on it. It’s never around long enough.” —Toronto, Canada

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