Pot Prices: October 2017 THMQ

Pot Prices: October 2017 THMQ

Market Analysis: Nationwide pot prices on average are slightly lower as THMQ enters the final quarter of 2017. The US Price Index fell below its previous month’s average due to declining prices in the West, where legal cannabis dominates the market. Pre-fall harvest prices in the East were up $3 per ounce from their previous average, while the South held steady at $370 an ounce.

Current US Price Index: $329 (last month: $331, Year-to-Date: $332)
Current Eastern Price Index: $353 (last month: $350, YTD: $354)
Current Southern Price Index: $370 (last month: $370, YTD: $363)
Current Western Price Index: $261 (last month: $256, YTD: $264)

The top five strains (with average price) were: Kush ($335), Cookies ($282), Diesel ($325), Gorilla Glue ($280) and Tangie ($323).

Pot Prices: October 2017 THMQ


(Gorilla Glue #4) “So sticky and stinky. I can’t get enough of this strain.” —New York, NY
(Super Silver Haze) “Not the easiest strain to grow, but well worth the wait.” —Toronto, Canada
(Sour Diesel) “You can’t beat the smell and taste of this classic strain.” —Hoboken, NJ
(Tangie) “The best way to chill after a long day. Tangie gets my head right.” —Salt Lake City, UT

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