Cash Only: Hotboxing NYC’s Dopest Cannabis Holiday Market

Cash Only threw its inaugural Cannabis XXXmas Holiday Market, featuring over two dozen vendors, a sativa Santa, marijuana magicians, and more. Take a look at how NYC celebrates the high holidaze in style.

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On Saturday, December 17th, Cash Only threw its inaugural Cannabis XXXmas Holiday Market. 

Over a thousand people came, shopped, and smoked under THC-infused tinsel and marijuana mistletoe. 

We had two dozen plus vendors — including a mix of legacy cannabis serves and arts and culture makers — a sativa Santa, and even the tripped out magicians from Smokus Pokus

Watch our hot and hazy video tour of the event, featuring our friends from Brooklyn Arboretum, Juanitas, Uncle Budd, Fortune World, Pipe Dreams, and Johnny Gaffney

A big thanks to everyone who came out, especially our vendors. And a shoutout to Matthew Weinberger who took photos of the festivities, including a handful below. 

See you all at the next one!

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