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Controversial Map Shows Which States Really Love Weed

An interesting new map is circulating around the Internet that lets you see what strange goods and services people in your state are researching online.

Made by cost-estimating website Fixr, the data was gathered using Google’s auto-complete predictions.

The query? “How much does *blank* cost in [Name of State’s Capital City]?”

The answers? Well… Let’s just say are quite fascinating.

While the results range from disturbing to mundane, most land on the more controversial side of the spectrum, which is probably why the map is quickly going viral. Vice even ranked the results by how tragic they are—from “eh” to “genuinely appalling.” Making their “Not Sad” list were Colorado and New York with “weed” being the most popular search term in each state.

We always aim to be helpful here at High Times, so here you go New York and Colorado! Last month, marijuana in New York City cost $400 an ounce, while Denver’s bud went for $280.

Each month we release our THMQ and market analysis of pot prices across the country, so you can see how your state’s weed prices compare to the rest of the U.S.

As legalization continues to spread and acceptance of the sweet leaf becomes more and more mainstream, we think “cost of weed” will become a common Google search for every state. And we’ll be here with all the info you need.

Cheers, Colorado and New York, for “Googling” the hell out of weed prices!

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