Ask Dr. Mitch: Proof Pot-sitive

Dr. Mitch Earleywine, the author of Understanding Marijuana and The Parents’ Guide to Marijuana, dishes on stoner dogs, when to toke, female weed busts and mind-reading.

Do dogs like getting high? — Marmaduke

Hi Marmaduke,
Just like people, some probably do and some probably don’t. But keep your edibles away from Rover—a dog can easily overdose. 

What helps people use the plant without any problems? — Lex Greenspoon

Hello Lex,
As they say in comedy, it’s all in the timing. An article from my lab titled “Don’t Wake and Bake” emphasizes that morning recreational users run into snags more often. There’s also data indicating that those who use it only on weekends or only once in any given day report fewer “problems.”

Does cannabidiol cure Alzheimer’s? — Rashomon Kurosawa

Konnichiwa RK,
Unfortunately, once the symptoms have progressed, it’s not a treatment that can help. But in animal research, CBD does slow dementia-related changes. It’s cheap and has no side effects, so you can’t go wrong trying to use it to prevent the disorder. But send me an e-mail in a few years and see if I remember this answer.

Are women less likely to get arrested for possession than men? — Keith Strip

Hello Keith,
Women do get a bit of preferential treatment in police encounters, particularly if they act in stereotypical “ladylike” ways. But if they behave in any way that’s perceived as hostile, or if they happen to be women of color, they seem to get arrested at about the same rate as men. Fewer women use cannabis, which also plays a role.

Why do the high-CBD strains help me read minds so well? — Kreskin

Yo Kreskin,
I’m not sure you’re reading minds, but a recent experiment suggests that you might be improving your ability to tell someone’s mood from their facial expressions. After 16 mg of CBD (but no THC), participants were better at identifying fearful, angry, happy, sad, surprised or disgusted faces. That’s about as close to mind-reading as most of us get.

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