Man Forgets 140 Pounds of Weed in Rental Car

It is not uncommon for a busy person to return a rental car, only to find out a short time later that they forgot their CDs in the glove box or their sunglasses on the visor. However, regardless of how much of a rush a person might be in, there is no chance of that they would turn the keys over to a rental agent having left over a hundred pounds of marijuana in trunk — right?

Well, allow us to introduce you to perhaps the worst drug smuggler that High Times has witnessed in the past four decades — New Mexico resident David Ung. Authorities say they received a call earlier this week from a Hertz Rent-A-Car location near Albuquerque International Sunport claiming that a customer had just turned in a vehicle loaded up with what appeared to be marijuana.

When the police arrived on the scene, they discovered the customer did not accidentally leave behind a small amount of weed, but nearly 140 pounds of “high grade” weed crammed into several trash bags in the trunk of the car.

Meanwhile, 40-year-old David Ung was having one of those “Oh, shit” moments; the kind that hits a person in the back of the head and scream, “Holy fuck, I forgot the dope!” There is speculation that this may have been the moment when Ugh decided to make his way back to the rental car agency, where he reportedly told a customer service representative that he needed to gain access to the car because he had forgotten a bag.

Unfortunately, the police were already hanging around and in the process of tracking down the forgetful smuggler. Of course, knowing that he had already screwed-the-pooch more than he ever anticipated, Ung refused to give a statement until he was allowed to speak to an attorney — his smartest decision throughout this bush league debacle.

Mr. Ung was charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute and is currently being held in a local jail on $10,000 bail.

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