The Primary Colors of Cannabis

The first modern cannabis hybrid was created in the summer of 1969 in the Santa Cruz mountains by a surfer we only know by his first initial “G”, and legend has it that he crossed together three varieties from Colombia and created what the world has come to know as Original Haze.

This was a significant milestone for cannabis because during the 1960s, the majority of cannabis that was coming into the United States was coming from tropical regions such as Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Colombia, Mexico, and Jamaica and were designated by names that indicated where they were grown such as Colombian Gold, Acapulco Gold, Michoacán, and Thai Stick.

Starting in the late 50s and going through the late 70s, people from the counterculture started navigating their way from London to India on what has become known as the “Hippie Trail”

These traveling adventurers would play a significant role in the evolution of cannabis varieties because as they would travel through Afghanistan, they would pick up and bring back ancient varieties of cannabis that had long been bred for hashish and had broad leaves and short flowering times. Incorrectly identified as “Indica” because the leaf morphology was so different from the more common narrow leaf “sativa” varieties originating in the tropical/equatorial regions listed above. Afghan cannabis is so unique to the other varieties around the world that it has been argued that it should have its own classification.

Please see my article: Ditch the Old Terminology (An Indica / Sativa Response)

Original Haze / Courtesy Todd McCormick

Further east on the trail was India, where true “Indica” grows. In India, cannabis leaf morphology ranges from broad leaflet varieties in the north, to very narrow leaflet varieties down south and along the coast. I recently received seeds from Manipur India, which have been grown in the region for their drug content for thousands of years and they are the smallest seeds in my collection at 101 seeds per gram. Comparatively, “Purest Indica” and Northern Lights #2 are large and have approximately 38 seeds per g, followed by Northern Lights #5 and Skunk #1 at 50 seeds per g, and some of the smallest are Original Haze at 70 seeds per g. 

One of the hippies who took the Hippie Trail back in the early 70s was Skunkman Sam and his wife of now 53 years, who hitchhiked from London to Morocco, and from Morocco back up to Germany, through Afghanistan and across to India, where they lived for over a year. Along the way picking up varieties of cannabis and saving the seeds.

When Skunkman Sam arrived back in California after his time in India, he just happened to move next to the breeder of Original Haze. Sam realized that the original combination of Haze was unique and he kept it isolated away from his other varieties so that it would not experience genetic drift, which would cause the loss of the variety over time.

Comparison between Original Haze seed and Northern Lights #2 / Courtesy Todd McCormick

During the early 70s, Skunkman Sam started breeding together some of the varieties he brought back on his journey along with some of the varieties that were being imported into California and created what would become known as Skunk #1, which is a combination of (Afghan x Colombian Gold) x Acapulco Gold. 

Skunk #1 would revolutionize cannabis cultivation because it was a relatively consistent and uniform variety that had incredibly high-quality buds and flowered in a short amount of time. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on who you ask, the initial rendition of the variety favored the Afghan which was very pungent and smelled similar to a skunk scent, hence the name “Skunk #1”. This new variety which would harvest in late August compared to November or December for Haze, quickly took over as the favored variety by many growers. 

We now understand that this funky acrid scent is caused by thiols which humans can detect in parts per trillion. Usually it is a scent that is released when food is going bad and it is a clue for humans to avoid it. Since the 80s, many breeders have selected away from plants with thiols and favored the terpenes which are responsible for the sweeter side of cannabis. 

In 1976, Skunk #1 seeds were released by the first modern seed company which was started by Skunkman Sam and called “Sacred Seeds”. Sam would go on to collect varieties from the likes of Mel Frank and other lesser known cannabis cultivators to create one of the greatest genetic collections imaginable.

Skunk #1 / Courtesy Todd McCormick

In 1979 Sam authored an article titled “Sun, Soil, Seeds and Soul” for an LSD magazine called BLOTTER. The article was focused on educating the readers about breeding the best characteristics of cannabis. When I asked Skunkman Sam how he was able to breed Skunk #1 to be relatively true breeding, he very humbly said, “I didn’t, nature did. I just had to cross together and test enough plants until I found the combination that worked.”

In the mid 70s, Afghan varieties started becoming quite popular with growers who realized the advantages of an early harvest and heavy yield. Some of these Afghan seeds made their way up to the Pacific Northwest and became known as “Purest Indica” and “Hash Plant” eventually became the backbone of what we now know as the “Northern Lights” family of crosses. 

The NL hybrids were created in the early 80s by a group of friends around a former Marine and Vietnam veteran nicknamed Seattle Greg. Greg told me that in 1979 he received just 4 seeds of the “Purest Indica” from the author Murphy Stevens, who published one of the most advanced cultivation books in the mid-70s titled: How to Grow Marijuana Indoors Under Lights. 

Greg crossed these four seeds together as an IBL or “in-bred line” and passed the seeds that he made out to his friends who then out-bred the “Purest Indica” with the varieties that they were already growing. They shared some of their seed creations back with Greg, who grew them out and then numbered them from #1 to #11 based on #1 being the closest morphology to the “Purest Indica” and #11 being mostly tropical or narrow-leaf. The ever popular Northern Lights #5 was in the middle with a nice balanced combination of both the “Purest Indica” and equatorial genetics.

Seattle Greg standing next to Northern Lights plants / Courtesy Todd McCormick

In 1984, the work of these two breeders and collectors would converge in an unusual way when a heroin addict named Nevil used a grant from the Dutch government to get clean by growing cannabis seeds and starting a company that he called The Holland Seed Bank. 

Nevil was inspired to start growing after reading a Mel Frank book in the early 80s and by 1984, he was growing indoors under lights, but not having the greatest success with the seeds available to him. It is interesting that Nevil would come to be regarded as a great breeder because if anybody started growing cannabis and then less than one year later, started a seed company, I don’t think anybody would think they were all that experienced as a breeder, but in the 1980s, it was easy to take credit for other people’s work and that’s exactly what Nevil and many others in the Amsterdam seed business did. Amusingly enough, I have often had to remind my European friends that there are no skunks in Europe and that none of them would know what one smelled like unless they visited the United States because a skunk is a North American animal.

Initially Nevil started collecting seeds from the local coffeeshops around the Netherlands and sold the seeds for just $.50 each with the disclaimer that he could not vouch for the quality of the seeds because he didn’t grow them, but that would all change when Nevil was introduced to Skunkman Sam and Seattle Greg who supplied Nevil with the genetics that they and their friends had been working on for years. 

In 1984, Nevil acquired from Skunkman Sam Skunk #1, Hindu Kush, Afghan #1, Durban Poison, California Orange, Early Girl and many others. Later in 1987, Nevil would also be given a couple Haze males from Skunkman Sam that Nevil used for breeding, and hybrids with Haze first appeared in The Holland Seed Bank’s 1988 catalog.

In 1985, Nevil acquired the Northern Lights hybrids #1 through #11 from Seattle Greg, but he did not get the “Purest Indica” which is the parent variety of all Northern Lights hybrids because Greg did not want Nevil to be able to make the Northern Lights hybrids without him.

Northern Lights #2 leaf morphology is crazy / Courtesy Todd McCormick

Immediately after receiving these classic varieties, Nevil started crossing them together and creating secondary and tertiary colors such as Northern Lights #5 x Haze, NL#5 x Skunk #1, Silver Pearl which was Early Girl x Skunk #1 x NL#5 and many others.

While The Holland Seed Bank was not the first to sell cannabis seeds, it quickly became one of the most significant because it was the first seed company to advertise in High Times Magazine and sold seeds to America, which was not only the largest market, but also the most dangerous because seeds were completely illegal at the time in the USA. In March of 1987, High Times ran an extremely long and personal article interviewing Nevil, and focusing on The Holland Seed Bank which made what he was doing instantly legendary to the rest of us reading through the pages of the world’s only cannabis magazine at the time.

In the years that followed, this relatively small group of varieties would become the foundation of many of the modern hybrids that we have today. When science started looking at the DNA structure of cannabis and comparing the relationships of many of the cuttings that are commonly cultivated throughout California and many legal states, they realized that almost all of them were related and had either Skunk #1 or Northern Lights genetics, or in many examples, both. 

Fortunately, these primary colors were tucked away in freezers and refrigerators and, decades later, I was honored to receive many of the same genetics shared with The Holland Seed Bank in ’84 & ’85 such as Afghan #1 and Durban Poison from Mel Frank, Skunk #1 & Original Haze directly from Skunkman Sam and “Purest Indica”, Northern Lights #2 & Northern Lights #5 directly from Seattle Greg, which are currently available through my seed company:

  1. 100% yes, both in the US and Canada, I use a southern Cali Hybrid started with BC Bud Master Kush, seed company Emerald Triangle crossed it with a Columbian gold/Mexican and I have done 2 pollinations and keeping the genetic line They are the
    cannabis people, not corporate weed

  2. Sorry Todd, but you got a couple things wrong. For a start, High Times was NOT the world’s only cannabis growing magazine. In point of fact the growers online forum, before there was an online to be on, was “Sinsemilla Tips: Domestic Growers’ Journal.” This was published from 1980 -1990 by Tom “Alex” Alexander,out of Corvalis, Oregon.

    1. I agree that Sensimilla Tips was the premier cannabis cultivation magazine in the 80s and I should have a rephrased the way I wrote about High Times being the only global cannabis magazine.

      I really don’t think the two magazines were comparable other than the fact that they talked about cannabis. I personally did not discover Sensimilla Tips until 1988 because it was so hard to find. At the same time, High Times was available at every magazine stand that sold Playboy and Hustler, but HT focused on the entire drug culture and not just about cannabis cultivation.

      Tom Alexander will forever be one of my heroes because of the information he shared in Sensimilla Tips, as well will be Tom Forçade for bringing us High Times, as both guys were huge contributors to the culture we have now.

  3. A lot of wrong facts. A lot.

    Neville made both Super Silver Hate and Super Super Lemon Haze, he is a great breeder and has great knowledge of the plant.

    He is called father of HAZE among pioneers of cannabis, he is not some crook like the author paints him to be. And he left GHS to move to Switzerland to work on medical cannabis on Swiss Cannabis Institute and took all of his plants and genetics with him.

    Also anybody who ever crossed and bred strains knows semen size has nothing to go with plant’s phenotype or genotype. Brothers and sisters crossed together each cross will give different semen size, some even twice as big.
    This is just an article with fake facts to make author promote his seeds. If you strains are good, people will notice, you dont need this deceit

    P.S. that article about indica and sativa and leaf size and is complete bullshit. there are and they will always be indicas and sativas, and only clowns user leaf size as main difference, leaf size is just one of the markers.

    1. Hi Mat,
      Thanks for your response, but I researched all of my facts thoroughly and I have hung out with Nevil playing chess when I lived in Amsterdam from 95 to 97, and we had a very friendly relationship.

      You have a few things wrong, first off, Nevil never spelt his name “Neville”, nor did he ever create a variety called “Super Silver Hate”. Nevil broke up with Arjan very publicly and sold his genetics to Scotty (Shantibaba), who created Mr. Nice. Nevil never moved to Switzerland, which is why he did not get busted when Scotty got busted.

      Nevil first read about cannabis cultivation in 1981 when he picked up a Mel Frank growbook according to his own interview published in High Times in March 1987. Nevil only began selling seeds in spring of 1984, moved into the “castle” in late 1984 and began crossing together the varieties that he received from Sam and Greg in 1985. I’m not throwing shade, as we all start somewhere, but Nevil’s timeline is what it is.

      Nevil is not the at all the “father of Haze”, nor has he ever claimed to be. He reportedly only had two males that he was working with (which he received from Skunkman in late 1987) if you go read the forums at Mr. Nice.

      Both of the varieties that you mention, SSH and SLH, are both hybrids using the NL, Skunk #1 and Haze genetics that he received from Skunkman Sam and Greg, which speaks to my point of Nevil being a great DJ, simply mixing together other people’s well worked varieties.

      The seed sizes in my photo is just a comparison and has nothing to do with breeding. Indica and sativa are antiquated terminology and is already being replaced by those knowledgeable within the community.

      As somebody who has been growing since 1984 and part of the European/American cannabis scene since the early 90s, this article is as accurate as possible, all of my interviews are directly with the people who were there at the time.

  4. Isn’t it strange that Todd is trying so damn hard to imitate nev and his work, yet at the same time smear his name, belittle his achievements, leave out the facts and start selling copycat versions of Nevs work …and all immediately after Nev died. WEAK
    Todds really trying to drive home this theory that Nev couldn’t have done anything without skunk, NL and Afghan, yet Nev was the only breeder in that time that actually made ground breaking hybrids with anything he touched, what has Sam ever done since skunk? and there isn’t any solid documentation that Sam even made skunk?..and plenty to indicate he never actually did make it, M.Frank was a breeder? The truth is Nev improved everything he touched and perfected the shortcomings of the previous crosses.
    Nev purchased Haze seed, he was never given male cuts, If Sam or anyone else actually had the same seeds Nev purchased then how did nobody ever not find something as good? PSA Todd’s Original Haze picture shown above is 100% watered down hybrid throwing indica resin.
    Majority of the seed banks and breeders from that time have enjoyed a long and fruitful career off the back of all the strains Nev made, and still do to this day, a clear testament to how brilliant Nevils breeding was.
    Greenhouse seeds, Mr Nice, Sensi Seeds, DNA Genetics and plenty more all attest to Nevs work being the foundation of their libraries if not in many cases, straight up Nevs untouched work!
    Todd, you are in one sense trying to harm a dead man’s reputation on the ideology that someone who breeds cannabis from existing work doesn’t deserve the credit and is a mere hack worthy of no respect, in that the case you should consider all the great breeders in today’s market the same, as everyone started with someone else’s work, including your one true undying love SAM’S
    Why don’t you go tell all the great modern breeders they don’t deserve the credit for their hard work, just because they didn’t start with a landrace. I bet you wouldn’t have many friends left.
    Primary colours in Cannabis is nonsense.
    PSA -Todd never played chess with Nev 100% fact. Nev would be rolling in his grave right now.

    This article as pathetic and everyone involved should be ashamed.

    1. Hi Ghost of Nev,
      Thank you for your amusing reply. I find it funny that you would say that I never played chess with Nevil, especially considering you weren’t there. The evening was actually pretty special to me because I really looked up to Nevil at the time. He brought me some of his “Nevil’s Haze” and I found one seed in the bud and he told me I could keep it and it was actually pretty incredible night for me. I don’t do heroin or drink alcohol, so we did not have much in common past smoking hash and Haze and playing chess, but I thought he was a really cool guy.

      The only reason I mention that he started his seed company with a loan to get clean is because he told that story in his own interview in High Times magazine back in March 1987, and anybody reading this can look it up and see it for themselves. He was not embarrassed about his addiction issues, he was actually very upfront about it, and I respected that a great deal.

      At the same time, I have come to know Seattle Greg and Skunkman, who are both in their 70s now and I have no reason not to believe their versions of their own story because they are the men who supplied the genetics to Nevil in the first place, and we have to take their side of the story seriously, especially considering they still hold the genetics.

      I think Nevil made some really cool varieties, but to deny the fact that he was standing on the shoulders of giants, who handed him well worked genetics that he was able to combine together is undeniable, and the proof is in Nevil’s own catalogs from 1985, 86, 87, Haze hybrids debuted in 1988 and so on. Go look, and you will see mostly crosses of Sam and Greg’s work.

      As for the genetics that I have, they are directly from the same men who supplied Nevil. Full stop. No BS, no middlemen. The Original Haze genetics came directly from Skunkman Sam and it is what it is.

      It is not my intention to harm the reputation of Nevil, but it is my intention to shed some light on the people who brought him the genetics and you should not have a problem with that, because that is the truth of the story.

      I have a lot of reverence for the people who built this culture and I have a lot of reverence for the truth, even though the truth does not fit the false narrative being told by people who really weren’t there. People like you, who are clearly afraid to use your real name because it is a lot easier to troll anonymously. You clearly do not know Skunkman or Greg and you were not with Nevil and I when we were playing chess and smoking Haze and laughing back in Rotterdam in 1996, but yet you pretend to be an expert.

      If anybody should be ashamed, it is you for not accepting the truth of where the genetics came from and trying to reinvent what really happened.

      1. Standing on the back of giants ? hahah wow, you really are naive to how breeding works aren’t you Todd.
        Have you ever considered why Nevs work continued and became everyone’s favorite ? and that Sam and Greg never done anything else ? If you think hitting a few equatorials with some afghan pollen makes you a breeder than you are more delusional than obvious.
        You should know by now, Generally brother and sister will breed completely different progeny, especially in those times…what makes Nevs work so great is that he understood how to select for highly desired traits and then stabilize them for homogeneous progeny, thats exactly what he done…anyone can throw some polen…choosing the right parents and line breeding is what defines someone skill …Nev made Haze the best, made Northern Lights the best, made Skunk the best and countless others, Haze would have been lost forever if he didnt breed with it, Northern lights lines where often agreed to be terrible as a smoking plants…he found how to use them as tools in breeding rather than end products.
        Nobody is denying Nev acquired genetics from the likes of Sam and Greg, what we are defending is that you are trying to change the narrative, the new generations of Cannabis enthusiast deserve the truth, and you are clearly twisting it to serve your own agenda “selling remakes of Nevs work and a very questionable original haze, PSA its common knowledge GREGS recently discovered vintage freezer seeds have been outcrossed with modern lines prior to release…Be genuine and fess up to that at least.
        I challenge any decent breeder to stand behind the picture of your original Haze and tell me it doesn’t have skunk in it.
        while you so arrogantly present you disgust and hatred for Nev on you instagram lives, and try to capitalize from a dead man’s work, all under the guise of honest Cannabis advocate slandering someone with a desire for should have a good hard look in the mirror.
        I’ll leave you with some brilliant minds that all made a massive impact on the world while enjoying their substance of choice.
        Robert F. Kennedy
        Billie Holiday
        Miles Davis
        Jim Morrison
        Eric Clapton
        imi Hendrix
        Janis Joplin
        Kurt Cobain
        Robert Downey, Jr.
        Keith Richards
        Philip Seymour Hoffman
        Carrie Fisher
        Jerry Garcia
        William S. Burroughs

        1. Good afternoon Mr. anonymous,
          It’s easy to chastise other people’s work when you’re hiding behind an anonymous profile and you are saying things that are just flatly not true.

          Original Haze would certainly not be lost if Nevil had never gotten the two males that he received from Skunkman. I received the original Haze seeds from Skunkman and he certainly did not lose them.

          The Purest Indica, NL#2 and NL#5 seeds that I received from Seattle Greg have not been out crossed with modern varieties. It’s clear that you have not grown any of the senetics that I supply to people.

          According to the 1987 High Times interview with Nevil, he first picked up a Mel Frank cultivation book in 1981 and got inspired to grow. Comparatively, Skunkman Sam had already been growing since the early 70s after collecting his own genetics on the Hippie Trail and living in India for over a year. In 1979 Skunkman Sam wrote the phenomenal article about breeding titled: “Sun, Soil, Seeds and Soul” that clearly shows his depth of knowledge for cannabis cultivation Long before Nevil picked up a Mel Frank book.

          I understand that Nevil tried to assassinate the character of the people that he actually got the seeds from in order to make himself feel more important than he really was. Nevil was clearly bitter that he was turned in and did not know who turned him in through the 90s, we now know it was his own employee Raymond Anthony Cogo who turned him in and ruined his life. if you are mad at anybody, be mad at the person, responsible.

          Skunkman Sam and Seattle Greg are wonderful people who are still sharing genetics to this day.

          And with all due respect to Nevil, I hope he rests in peace.

  5. Here’s what toad had to say when nevil died so he obviously knows the truth . Toads an opportunist and fraud with no actual cannabis knowledge.

    I woke up this morning to the news of nevil passing.if you got seeds in the 80s they were most likely through the seedbank. I was fortunate enough to meet him and play chess with him. His contribution to the cannabis community is undeniable the varieties that passed through his hands are legendary. Life is too short no matter how long we get. Rest in peace old friend.

    So what’s changed between 2019 and today?? Sam the rat man supplied Toad with his tired f45 “original” haze in the meantime in exchange toad bashes nevil . Standard protocol for the hortapharm Monsanto cannabis cabal.
    They are so threatened by nev because even r years after his death nevils work continues to be the pinnacle of haze breeding. I’m sure this post will be blocked hey toad can’t block us all!! Nevil king of cannabis

    1. Good morning Mr. Afraid to Use Your Own Name,

      Thanks for always reading my articles, I really appreciate the attention you pay to my writing.

      Nothing really changed, other than the fact that I got to know Seattle Greg after Nevil passed away and I heard his side of the story, which made a lot more sense and was quite different from the nonsense coming out of Nevil.

      Unfortunately, I have to keep reminding my European friends that a skunk is a North American animal, and there are none of them in Europe. I don’t even know how there is any debate on where the Genetics originally came from because Nevil has spoken about getting seeds directly from Skunkman.

      Have you read the last interview that Nevil gave to Michka for her book titled: Michka, The Grande Damn of Cannabis Tells Her Own Story:

      It starts out like this:

      Q: How did you first get interested in Haze?

      Nevil: “In the mid 80s, maybe 1985, I bought half of (David) Watson’s seed collection off him when I went to see him in Amsterdam.”

      Are you going to dispute Nevil’s own words on where he got Haze and the other American genetics that made him so famous?

      I don’t know why some people have a problem with talking about Nevil’s addiction to heroin and alcohol when he himself spoke about it in High Times back in 1987. I have always thought that it was absolutely amazing that somebody on heroin could turn around his life by getting a grant from the Dutch government and starting a legal cannabis seed company.

      Telling the truth about Skunkman and Seattle Greg and where the Skunk #1, Haze, Durban Poison, Afghan #1, California Orange, Northern Lights #1 through #11 genetics all came from originally is not speaking down about Nevil, it’s just stating facts. The timeline of the history is not mine, it is what it is and I’m just reporting on it. I am not changing it, in fact, I’m trying to make it as accurate as possible to honor the people who are involved.

      Skunkman Sam IS NOT a rat.

      We all now know who was the actual rat who turned in Nevil because his affidavit has been uncovered and we now all know it was Raymond Anthony Cogo, Nevil’s OWN employee who was shipping seeds for Nevil to his customers in the United States.

      If you’re angry at anybody, be angry at the actual rat Raymond Anthony Cogo, who IS the person who actually turned in Nevil. He is also the guy who is responsible for a majority of the busts with Operation Green Merchant, as it was Nevil’s customer list that got handed to the DEA in June 1989 by Nevil’s OWN employee!

      It amazes me that people like you will pretend to take offense that I am speaking truthfully about Nevil and then you will come on here and lie about Skunkman Sam. Hypocrisy suits you, but that’s also why you’re using a fake name and hiding behind what you’re saying. What are you afraid of? People knowing you’re full of BS? Stop being a coward is my message to you.

      I stand behind my article, I stand behind the facts and I am not hiding behind some fake name because I am afraid to be associated with my remarks.

  6. I don’t get. If I had to guess, the posters tearing down Todd in this thread are either friends of Nevil’s, acquaintances of someone who knew him or just plain hate Todd. This bickering and arguing about who gets all the credit is effing ridiculous, not to mention childish. Unless you tell us who you are I give the benefit of the doubt to Todd because he was directly connected to these breeders. Until then, since the advent of the internet, you’re just another tough guy shooting his mouth off behind a monitor. As far as im concerned our genetics that we enjoy today was the work of MANY. It was a collaborative effort and we should laud them all for the risks they took and the sacrifices they made. I know one thing – I dont believe Nevil ever went on the hippie trail, so really, who are the real heroes here if you really want to get technical. Nevil would have gotten shit without those dudes traveling the hippie trail. So I suggest if you cowards don’t want to reveal yourself and back up your position other than just what you heard or what you’ve been told why dont you STFU, take another hit, relax and enjoy the ride.

  7. You are doing fine work making these plants available! (that’s true)


    The presentation here is way off dont you agree?

    A heroin addict named Nevil? who also bred plants…

    How about a heroin addict named J.Garcia ? who also played guitar!

    Its crazy way of talking about him anyway…


    Nevils work was great in the F1

    …dont expect to find it in any of the recreated work…Go to Mr. nice auctions and get Shanti’s work

    That’s as close as you get or… Greenhouse seeds They have S1 seeds of Nevil’s haze and Super Silver Haze

    Nevil was an egotistical opportunist ….He also breed plants that were very sativa in the F1…Haze from SamS

    …maybe to cut thru that heroin nod so aptly mentioned here… featured in high times!

    They were designed to be lanky things that they were….All haze

    In the F1

    Its anybody’s game after that…Its more NL/sk1 in the later finial generations

    Haze phenos do still exist in SSH and Nevil’s Haze….Its the influence of the Haze C male in the NL5Hz

    These are expressing Haze C or in the case of Nevil’s haze expressing both HzA and HzC

    Sk1 and NL5 are used to get seeds from a male haze C and the real shit is phenos of the haze!

    That is the point of it

    Nevil just had the fortitude to deliver these worldwide …from his fort (castle)

    Whatever, it was all over the top and DEA looked into him….Nevil’s haze make you paranoid ..Now you are really paranoid!

    Probably need heroin to calm down…who knows who cares..Dont take drugs!

    Smoke some good dope

    How about an article about that?

    I do recommend people buy todds haze….please do

    And people have found decent haze plants check the forums ICmag and mr nice forums …lots of haze

    todd got seeds from SamS for his haze Nothing wrong with haze or seeds

    Todd, stay away from communication devices!

    This is not your strong suit…you are never going to fix up this.. from your very first communications about all this…

    Monumental, Epic Clusterchuck if I’ve ever seen one…And I had make up a new word to even describe the situation!

  8. It’s obvious “GhostOfNev” and “Haze rules” are just Nev fanboys. All the facts are in prior interviews and by looking at the seed listings/descriptions on the old seed catalogs.

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