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Empire Wellness is creating some of the most flavorful and aromatic products that I’ve tried so far in the CBD isolate world.

Infused with a selection of cannabis terpenes, the 99% pure CBD isolate crystals hold onto some power on the nose and tongue. Empire Wellness offers pure and infused CBD isolates, live resin CBD wax, oils, terpenes, candy gummies and much more. I picked up some CBD live resin wax, as well a few citrus-based CBD isolate flavors.

Let me break them down.

Photo by Chewberto420

The CBD Live Resin Wax has a nice pliable texture that is easy to handle. A mentholated pure hemp CBD aroma and flavor captivate this extract’s essence. The wax is great for dabbing or loading in a vape pen. The wax melts clean and helps with my ailments for which I use CBD. The smell reminds me of Vicks Vapor Rub; I couldn’t stop inhaling the mentholated fragrance.

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The Empire Wellness “Super Lemon Haze” Crystal is a shiny yellow isolate packed with terpenes—a punch in the mouth with lemon zest—probably the most rich in limonene aromatics that I’ve had in a product. The terps are so strong, it’s like inhaling some type of lemon cleaner. Offering me complete alleviation from my arthritic hand pain, I am pretty sure I could dab this everyday and not get tired of the taste. I really enjoy limonene for my daytime use. The limonene terpenes can really perk you up, so I find it convenient to have around for a boost throughout the day.

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The Empire Wellness “Tangie” Infused CBD Crystals carry a bright tangerine rind aroma and flavor, a super tasty isolate. The pure white, pure CBD crystals glisten like snow and provide the same quality of pain relief as the other isolate, while 99% pure CBD insures you’re getting the most out of this product. The Tangie strain is a popular extract in the marijuana industry due to the high levels of spot-on tangerine terps; it’s no wonder they use this as a tasty enhancer for this awesome CBD isolate. The Tangie is also great for daytime use.

All flavor and smell aside, every product that I picked up from Empire Wellness aided in alleviating the joint pain in my hand. This is the best way that I know how to test all the CBD products that I try. I can usually bring on the arthritic behavior from a particularly activity. After, or immediately during the discomfort, I will try a product to see if it helps. I will score the therapeutic value by judging the amount of pain reduction and ease of movement in my hand after consuming. This gives me a general idea of how good a product is.

You can dab the wax and isolates, sprinkle on top of bowls, put it in pens and vape it—any way you need to get it in your system. This makes it highly convenient for any individual. You could even eat it, if you’d like, as the product is activated and ready to go. Nobody is left out.

Photo by Chewberto420

User testimonials are flooding the internet, online discussions, blogs and websites, claiming that CBD has been alleviating addiction, acne, anxiety, arthritis, diabetes, joint pain, epilepsy, seizures and many other ailments Empire Wellness is doing a great job at creating a flavorful and pure product for folks in need of CBD.

Empire Wellness has offices in Florida and Colorado, and they ship to all 50 states. If you’re looking for a tasty product that’s not the typical mentholated hemp terpene profile, I would suggest checking them out on their website at www.empirewellness.com for plenty of amazing products and information about CBD.

  1. I bought from them once and it was great. I bought a second time and they sent me a stale product. They do not answer phone calls and do not reply to my emails. I guess am stuck with the order. Someone show tell them that they need to act like a responsible company…the days of lawless weed dealers are over.

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