420 Evaluations: Complete Your MMJ Evaluation Online Today!

420 Evaluations

This post is sponsored by NuggMD, the easy way to do your 420 evaluation online! Complete your 420 evaluation in 10 minutes, get your MMJ card today!

Do you think medical marijuana could bring you a greater quality of life? Millions of people just like you in California think so and already have access to the splendors of our medical cannabis industry because they have their medical cannabis card.

Why don’t you?

In this post, we’ll tell you all about a cheap, fast and safe way to get your doctor’s recommendation for medical marijuana and have cannabis delivered to your door in under an hour—and it all starts with your 420 evaluation.

Click here to complete your 420 evaluation and get your medical marijuana card ONLINE in about 10 minutes from the comfort of your own home (seriously).

Plenty of Californians wonder everyday how to get a medical marijuana card and gain legal access to some of the country’s finest medical cannabis. Many think it’s a difficult process, or that they won’t qualify, or that they’ll be found on some kind of government list, but the reality is that almost anyone can get approved for medical cannabis.

So, let’s dive in.

How Do 420 Evaluations Work?

420 Med Evaluations

All physicians, osteopaths and surgeons licensed to practice medicine in California can recommend marijuana for a patient with applicable medical conditions. These conditions include (but are not limited to) cancer, chronic pain, glaucoma, spasticity, arthritis, AIDS, seizures, migraines, nausea or “any illness for which marijuana provides relief.” While that last part sounds really open-ended, it is meant to include conditions at the doctor’s discretion like PTSD, insomnia and depression to name a few.

The term “medical marijuana card” is a bit of a misnomer as the card is not required; however, a valid doctor’s recommendation is. Your first step to acquiring one is to be evaluated for medical marijuana, hence the term “420 Evaluation,” by a California board-licensed doctor to see if this wondrous plant could help manage your medical condition.

After receiving your recommendation letter, you can freely partake in the California cannabis market with that alone, or get a medical marijuana card for extra identification (it has its benefits and drawbacks, which we’ll get to shortly). Either way, you are now welcomed into California’s wide world of legal weed!

So, how do you conduct your first 420 evaluation? It ranges from easier than you think to super-duper easy.

In-person MMJ Evaluation

If your primary doctor is pro-weed, you may be able to visit him or her for your medical cannabis evaluation.  If he or she decides cannabis is right for you, all you need is for your doctor to write a recommendation. If you aren’t totally cool with going to your primary doc for your medical marijuana recommendation, there are plenty of medical marijuana doctors in California who can help you out.

While you can find a way to complete your MMJ evaluation almost anywhere, from 420 evaluations in San Jose, Oakland and Sacramento, to ones all the way down in Los Angeles and San Diego, but visiting an in-person pot doc is notoriously a bit shady. More often than not, it’ll require you to hang out in areas you may feel less than safe, and based on patient consensus, you should plan to make an appointment ahead of time and to spend more time and money than you initially expected.  

Another unfortunate truth is that you usually don’t get to spend a lot of time with the doctor via this method, since they often see a high-volume of patients each day and are in a rush to filter people in and out. You may even leave with more questions than you came in with, but the section below provides a better alternative.

Online MMJ Evaluation

Many Californians skip the road trip and instead do their 420 evaluation online. It’s by far the easiest and quickest way to consult with a cannabis doctor for your medical marijuana evaluation. Sound too easy?  

It’s not only easy and safe, it’s also completely legal according to the Golden State’s telehealth laws. Just find a reputable online 420 Evaluation site (we recommend one in the next section), enter your info, talk to a compassionate pro-cannabis doctor and get your recommendation without leaving your couch. No surprise costs, and you’re usually done in 10-15 minutes.    

Introducing the Fastest, Cheapest Way to Complete Your 420 Evaluation Online

420 Evaluations Coupon

While we don’t want to seem like we’re playing favorites, NuggMD has made getting an online 420 evaluation an art. Their customer service reps are always excited to answer your questions at any time (conveniently through a live-chat feature on their website), and their doctors are helpful and knowledgeable on the medical uses of cannabis.

Plus, the company makes it possible to start your compassionate cannabis care right away once approved, by means of connecting you with reliable marijuana dispensaries nearby after your evaluation, not to mention a free $20 credit to place a delivery order online!

Regarding their online process, there’s absolutely nothing to fear, as all your patient information is stored securely in a HIPAA compliant and encrypted database, so you won’t be found out on any public record or database (sheeeww…so glad Aunt Mildred won’t be able to snoop!). So there’s no need to worry about your data, and the company also promises secure credit transactions through its site.  

Here are the exact steps to spending less time and money getting your California medical marijuana card:

1. Create an account at NuggMD.com with your laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone (or any other internet-connected device).
2. Fill out a short, three-step profile with your basics and vitals. First, you’ll provide basics like name, birthdate and address. Then in step two, you’re asked to describe your medical conditions in better detail through a short questionnaire, so that the doctor may learn how to best educate you on how medical marijuana may benefit your overall health and wellbeing.
3. Finally, you set up payment information which qualifies you to go mono y mono via video-chat with a 420-friendly doctor for about five to 10 minutes to complete your 420 evaluation. How easy? So easy!
4. If you’re approved for a cannabis recommendation, NuggMD members pay just $39 total, which is the cheapest online price we’ve come across yet. Your evaluation is completely free if you aren’t approved.

Bonus: If you use NuggMD to complete your 420 evaluation, you’ll also be credited $20 to order online marijuana delivery from a dispensary near you!

5. After approval, just wait a few days for the signed and embossed medical marijuana card to be shipped (in discreet packaging) to your address!
6. Since no one likes waiting, you are also sent a digital PDF version of your recommendation to print out for immediate use.
7. The recommendation letter arrives in the mail a few days later.
8. Get a cannabis ID card (and additional peace of mind) for an additional $20—only if you want to, since the letter of recommendation will work just fine and is technically all you need.

Your recommendation letter will be good for one year, after which you’re required by California law to get a medical marijuana card renewal, which should be the same quick and easy evaluation process every time.  

I’ve Got My Medical Marijuana Card, What Now?

420 Marijuana Doctor

I’ve got my card in hand and money burning a hole in my pocket (at least for now that’s all that’s burning!); how do I take herb-vantage of my weed card?

Storefront Dispensary

Head out with a smile on your face to a local, licensed dispensary for some of the good stuff. It’s always a good idea to check out the ratings ahead of time on Yelp or through Getnugg.com.  Storefronts are great for a little one-on-one attention if you have special questions, are looking for product recommendations, or if you want to see what new goodies are out on the market. Be sure to remember your recommendation letter and California driver’s license (or other form of identification) when you venture out!

Delivery Service

Order a bit of Purple Erkle for your migraine and a pizza for the munchies that follow! Delivery is big business in MMJ! If you are the fidgety-nervous type (especially you newbies), this may be the best way to kick-off your inaugural purchase. And if you like to order in (like everyone in today’s world of instant gratification), this is online shopping at its best!

Here’s the beauty of Nugg, which lets you order delivery from a variety of cannabis providers in your area. Users not only get to rate and read reviews about dispensaries but also earn special 420 evaluations coupons, discounts, see special deals dispensaries are running and order straight from the site. Seriously, there are more free-with-purchase offers than you can shake some shake at! You can order up to 28 grams per delivery, and Nugg works with dispensaries in over 80 California cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and Sacramento.  

How to Use Nugg:

1. Sign up for Nugg at https://www.getnugg.com/
2. Get a $20 credit if you signup with the code HIGHTIMES20.
3. Go online and start shopping in your area!
4. Place your order and wait for your friendly delivery person to arrive with your medical marijuana.  

Get comfy and make a date with yourself for a little extra special care by getting your weed evaluation and recommendation online with Nugg. Then celebrate your newfound patient-status with a delivery that makes you feel warm and tingly all over, because you can.

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