New 40:1 CBD Strain Hits Market

Colorado’s Mary’s Medicinals has announced a licensing agreement with a Glenwood Springs, CO medical-marijuana dispensary for exclusive access to a high-CBD strain known as Mary’s Healing Heart.

Green Natural Solutions (GNS) is partnering with the nutraceutical company to offer the CBD-rich strain, which has an extraordinary ratio of 40:1 CBD to THC. CBD has been shown to be effective in treating disorders ranging from epilepsy to Alzheimer’s. Many families have flocked to Colorado hoping to legally procure CBD-rich marijuana as medicine for children suffering from afflictions such as Dravet syndrome, but have encountered long waiting lists due to a shortage of high-CBD cannabis.

 CEO Nicole Smith said in a press release, “We feel that by providing Mary’s Healing Heart to us, GNS is ensuring that the best possible use is made of the limited top-quality CBD resources currently available. As more states and the federal government consider CBD and whole plant legislation, Mary’s is poised to expand the availability of its offerings to ensure patients have access to reliable, pharmaceutical grade medicine.”

GNS founders Darren and Shalynn Hofert stated, “Sharing [Mary’s Healing Heart] with Mary’s Medicinals will allow patients to benefit from consistent pharmaceutical grade delivery of this powerful medicine.”

Mary’s Medicinals, which won third place at the US Cannabis Cup in Seattle for Best Product, offers a variety of transdermal patches, gel pens, and capsules infused with healing CBD.

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