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Experts Concerned About Unregulated Pot Pesticides

According to a new report from NPR, concern is growing over the use of unregulated pesticides by commercial cannabis growers.

“It’s the federal government that tells farmers which pesticides are safe to use,” NPR reported. “And so far, the feds wants nothing to do with legalized marijuana. Colorado State University entomologist Whitney Cranshaw says that’s left growers to experiment with little oversight.”

And with some growrooms worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, most growers are choosing to protect their crop (and cash) from bugs over worrying about the potential effects of the chemicals in pesticides and mildew treatments.

“In the absence of any direction the subject of pesticide use on the crop has just devolved to just whatever people think is working or they think is appropriate,” Cranshaw told NPR.

“Other agricultural industries already have policy in place for the safe use of spraying certain pesticides and fungicides,” Brett Eaton, a plant expert with the American Cannabis Company company, continued. “This being a new industry, it hasn’t been addressed yet.”

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